Sunday, September 3, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - A Sunday Sampler

Breitbart claims an Exclusive — McCarthy Details Impeachment Inquiry Process: ‘If We Move Forward,’ It ‘Would Occur Through a Vote’ on House Floor, but we saw that yesterday. At WaEx, Jeff Van Drew slams Biden administration as 'worst' in US history due to migrant crisis. According to Hat Hair's KT, Karine Jean-Pierre wins the 'Gaslight Award of 2023' for her claim that  Joe Biden has “done more to secure the border than anybody else.” I think we can find other examples. Bob Spencer at PJM notes Even WaPo’s ‘Fact-Checker’ Has Had Enough of Biden’s Constant Lies.  At NYPo the divine Ms. Devine says Americans are getting wise to Joe Biden’s corruption — despite his media gatekeepers, but about half of them just don't care. Speaking of media gatekeepers, we have more on WaPoo's serial fabulist Phil Bump. Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Oh, There's More to This Story About WaPo’s Top Writer Having a Meltdown Over Hunter Biden as Noam Dworman responds. From Twitchy, Jonathan Turley, Miranda Devine & others eulogize #journalism after Philip Bump's meltdown and Glenn Greenwald has trouble finding the words to describe that Philip Bump meltdown.  Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwald, "There are no words I can use that would do justice to what this video shows about Bump and corporate media employees generally. He's a deeply dishonest, arrogant, weaselly, snide, condescending asshole, yet passionately devoted to the Dem Party and Biden -- ie, corporate media."

Spencer Brown at Town Hall says Watch What Happened When Biden Was Asked About Americans' Financial Struggles. "According to Biden, even though the unemployment rate jumped to 3.8 percent in August, it's fine because he's managed to keep unemployment "below 14 percent."" And at Twitchy, Biden blasted for saying 'Nobody intelligent can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore', their go to Boogeyman. At NYPo, Kamala Harris has ‘rabbit ears’ for detecting criticism, overly sensitive, colleague says: new book. She must not be able to sleep.

Jeff Charles at Red State reports Democrats Suffer Humiliating Defeat in First Court Battle to Keep Trump off the Ballot. Don't try to feed us that 14th Amendment horseshit. At ET, DOJ Attempt to Block Trump Deposition Fails Again in Strzok lawsuit.

Jeff Charles also cites a WSJ Poll: Trump's Primary Lead Just Doubled, Spelling Trouble for Primary Opponents and Biden. Anxious is anxious about how How Trump's loyal pen pals spread his message. Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn finds on TwitterX, Trump campaign goes after DeSantis on Puerto Rican statehood - steps in mierda, comments "Not a good look, you all." From Althouse, "In 2016, I asked the Lord to give us the president who loves the country more than he loves himself." ""That would be the man that’s been persecuted by the Justice Department, by the media. We need to stand with him — you’ll gain a lot more votes if you stand with him." Said "an older man with a small American flag sticking out of his shirt pocket," who posed the final question for Ron DeSantis "at a machine shop in Estherville, Iowa, last week," quoted in "Republican race remains stuck as Trump dominates heading into fall/Some campaigns don’t want to go after Trump for fear of alienating his supporters — but don’t see a path to beating him without attacking him at some point" (WaPo)." From the Victory Girls, DeSantis Declines Biden Meetup In Hurricane Idalia Cleanup. Capt. Ed, "I don’t agree with this. He IS the president. My governor is way too sharp to get trapped into a Christie bear hug with the vegetable. Biden is diminished standing there." Hat Hair's KT asks Does it matter that DeSantis has no plans to meet with Biden during president's visit to Florida? "So, no, I don’t think it matters if DeSantis meets with Biden in person." At Twitchy, Victor Shi says Ron DeSantis is 'truly evil & pathetic' for not meeting with Joe Biden. Who? Never-Trumper Kevin Williamson at NYPo, Ron DeSantis did what he does best during Hurricane Idalia: Govern. From Da Blaze, DeSantis becomes first governor to reject major Green New Deal subsidies.

TwitterX, via Hat Hair, Snek in the grass: KY gov may not follow law if McConnell retires. Chad Livengood@ChadLivengood, "Kentucky's governor won't commit to appointing a Republican if ⁦@LeaderMcConnell ⁩ resigns" Insurrection! Beege Wellborn, "I did NOT realize it was KY state law that Beshear MUST replace McConnell with a Republican. Amazing how it’s REPEATEDLY okay for a Democrat to flout whatever law doesn’t suit them. LAH-DEE-DAH and on with their lives. Try that as a Rep…oh, wait. We don’t."

Sundance at CTH is concerned that US Special Operations Command Will Deploy Argus AI Program to Scour Social Media for Disinformation, Misinformation and Malinformation, National Security Authority to Protect U.S. Internet from “Pain Points.” From NotTheBee, New York City will be using police drones on Labor Day to make sure the peasants aren't holding large parties in their backyards Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw, Arkansas judge blocks social media law, age verification. At Da Caller, SCOTUS Asked To Review State Court’s Decision To Remove Jurors With ‘Conservative Christian’ Beliefs. Great, a new way to get out of jury duty!

Tyler O'Neil at Da Wire reports THOUSANDS of Minors Went Under the Knife to ‘Affirm’ a Transgender Identity, Study Shows. From Da Caller, Mom Secures $100,000 Settlement With School That Allegedly Tried To Transition Her Daughter:  ’Sends A Clear Message’

Madelein Leesman at Town Hall, A College Coach Spoke Out Against Transgenders in Women's Sports. You Won't Believe What Happened Next, “burned at the stake”, of course you believe it. Well, not literally. Mark Theissen, Alaska board of education votes to ban transgender girls from competing on high school girls teams. CBS News in Colorado, Controversy erupts in Jefferson County after the teachers union tells educators to destroy evidence of student surveys regarding gender identity. "An email from Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) to teachers says, "if you do a questionnaire, please make it a paper and pencil activity - any digital records are more permanent and may be requested under federal law." The union also encouraged teachers to "make your notations about students and not hold on to the documents."" At the Am Mind, Jeremy Carl sees Cracks in the Rainbow. "If you were a talented young white male law student today who dreamed of being a federal judge, why would you cast your lot with a group that would actively discriminate against you and make it almost impossible for you to land a position?"

Chris Rufo at City Journal discourses on MSNBC’s War on Truth. "The left-wing news network releases a deeply misleading documentary about the reforms at New College of Florida." At Campus Reform, Universities are asking applicants about race even after affirmative action ruling as expected.

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