Monday, September 25, 2023

Oregon, My Oregon

At Twitchy, Massive fraud: Oregon association issues damning report on state's Department of Education

In 2021, then Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law SB 744, which temporarily suspended essential skills requirements to graduate high school. The requirements were lifted for several years pending a review by the state Department of Education (ODE).

The bill, passed on a strictly partisan vote in the legislature, received extensive criticism at the time for putting 'equity and 'educational justice' (whatever that means) over actual academic standards.

New skills requirements and standards in Oregon, to begin with the 2024-25 school year, were to be based on the evaluation from the ODE. The ODE issued that report, Community-Informed Recommendations for Equitable Graduation Outcomes, in September 2022.

Yes, it's as cringeworthy as the name suggests.

But this week, an assessment of the ODE report -- and of SB 744 in general -- was published by the Oregon Association of Scholars in conjunction with Save Oregon Schools. What they found was 'fraud at a massive scale.'
Massive fraud in a Democrat controlled state? I'm shocked, shocked.

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