Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Floatsam and Jetsam - Not Much on the Wrack Line

A very light day, after the long weekend. 

Stacy McCain debunks ‘Debunked Conspiracy Theories’, "Advice for reporters at Politico and other liberal media outlets: If you’re going to quote an “anonymous” source “close to the Biden campaign,” make sure the quote doesn’t sound exactly like James Carville." James Lynch at Da Caller reports Reporter Heidi Przybyla Falsely Claims Evidence Linking Joe Biden To Hunter’s Business Dealings ‘Doesn’t Exist.’ Jonathan Turley thinks Biden’s Use of False Names Could Cost Him. Capt. Ed comments  "Turley frames this as judiciously and graciously as he can, being a careful attorney, but this answers itself. If this could be resolved simply through transparency, then Biden Inc would have already made all of this evidence available. The fact that they created a “war room” instead speaks loudly about what that kind of transparency would likely reveal." Dan Chaitin at Da Wire reports Biden’s ‘War Room’ Takes Shape As Impeachment Probe Looms. Matt Margolis at PJM, Oye, Biden’s Numbers Are Really, Really Bad. Insty, WHY WASN’T SHE BOOSTED? First lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19. "I’m sure it makes me a bad person, but my first thought was “so this is how they’ll get Joe out of the way.” UPDATE (From Ed): Double Vaxxed and Double Boosted Jill Biden Tests Positive for COVID–Again."

James Lynch again, ‘A Lot Going On’: Joe Biden Says He’s Still Too Busy To Visit East Palestine Seven Months Later. Hell, they're just Trump voters. From Fox, Biden says he wasn't on vacation while visiting home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware: 'I can't go home home.' "Biden said the Secret Service has been working on security upgrades to his primary residence in Wilmington."   At Red State Jim Thompson wants you to WATCH Gold Star Moms Rip Into Joe Biden's Phoniness in ABC Interview. From Da Signal, ‘Real War on Women’: Biden Team Denied Couple Paid Parental Leave He Claims to Support, but they were Trump holdovers so they deserved it. At Twitchy, Heritage Foundation's Roger Severino tells of yet ANOTHER time Joe Biden was dishonest. Mass plagiarism. 

At Da Caller, Biden ‘Exploded In Frustration’ When He Heard Afghanistan Was About To Collapse During His Vacation, Book Claims. Well, it was basically a 50:50 chance. A WSJ poll cited at Hat Hair, Two-thirds of Dems say Biden is too damn old, man. Breitbart says Bidenomics Isn’t Working: Vast Majority of Americans Say Economy Is Bad And Getting Worse. Da Caller notices US Deficit Skyrockets Thanks To Biden’s Massive Government Spending. From NYPo, Biden boasts about cutting federal budget deficit — as it soars. Ward Clarke at Red State asks Is America Under the Thumb of a Shadow President? He suspects 'Dr' Jill. At Am Great the great Victor Davis Hanson worries about What the Left Did to Our Country. "Will their upheaval  succeed?" I would suggest it already has. 

At Am Think Vince Coyne sees Donald Trump’s Mugshot as the Berlin Wall of Democrat Propaganda. At Am Spec Jeff Lord thinks Georgia’s Kemp Effectively Says Arresting Opponents Is Constitutional, "GOP legislators trying to halt Fascist Fani have been stymied." At Town Hall, Kurt Schlichter explains why Turnabout Is Fair Play And Also Both Fun And Essential. Am Great's Josh Hammer warns Republicans, Stop the Self-Defeating Victimology.

At Con Brief, Judge Quickly Dismisses Lawsuit Against Trump, Says Plaintiffs Lacked Standing. Nevertheless they persist. Dave Catron at Da Spec looks at Arming the 14th Amendment Against Trump Voters "Two never-Trump law professors offer help to left-wing groups seeking to scratch Trump from the ballot." Da Caller, Top Democrats Back ‘Dangerous’ Legal Theory To Block Americans From Voting For Trump. ET reports Rep. Schiff thinks the Supreme Court Will Decide If Trump Gets Disqualified From 2024 Race Under 14th Amendment. It may, but I hope it doesn't have to go that far. 

Dave James at Brownstone thinks about  The Global War on Thought Crime. You're probably committing one right now, I am. At Twitchy, CEO is seeing a lot of hate speech on X lately, which is neither 'free' nor protected speech. Sundance at CTH reports Musk Confirms Current Status of Ad Twitter Revenue. Ad revenue down 60%. The Manhattan Contrarian, cited at WUWT says Free Speech Suppressed Everywhere You Turn.

PJM's VodkaPundit begs C'mon, Mr. Trump— Join the Primary Debates. According to Don Surber, Trump made Red China uninvestable. Sen. Frank Niceley@SenFrankNiceley, "Under Trump we were energy independent, defeated ISIS, brokered peace between Israel and several historic enemies, confronted NATO members to pay their fare share, And stemmed the flood at the border. So, yes he was. Quote Republicans against Trump@RpsAgainstTrump  "Donald Trump claims that when he was president, "We were the most respected country in the world, more respected than America ever was." Does Trump think his supporters are that stupid?" Dan Chaitin at Da Wire was impressed by how Donna Brazile Goes Off On How Trump’s Haters Should Respect His ‘Movement’. Alex Berenson warns Democrats and the "Deep State"  Of the coming radicalism of Donald J. Trump "The indictments have fueled him. If he wins in 2024, his second Presidency will marry that personal fury with a conservative attack on the administrative state to remake the government radically."

Hat Hair's KT thinks DeSantis delivers a master class in leadership in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia. At Am Think Rajan Laad wonders What to make of Ron DeSantis? From the College Fix, Professors: Jacksonville killings due to DeSantis, Trump, GOP, whiteness. At TNP, ‘Ready for Ron’ PAC Chief Admits: ‘Trump is Undefeatable’. "Ed Rollins – a recent co-chair of the pro-Ron DeSantis SuperPAC ‘Ready for Ron’ – has admitted that “…no one in the Republican primaries is going to beat, defeat President Trump,” adding: “[Trump] has a strong, solid base. It’s gotten stronger as he’s gone through these terrible indictments. The fact that he’s been indicted on 91 counts is just absurd.”" Ben Bartee at PJM, Vivek Ramaswamy Now a White Supremacist™ According to Democrat Party. Have they looked at him? From the Free Bacon, Vivek Ramaswamy Seeks Meeting With Julian Assange "The presidential candidate has vowed to pardon the Wikileaks founder if elected." If he wasn't already, now he's on the FBI and CIA's lists.

From Da Fed, Hayden Ludwig warns With Automatic Voter Registration, Say Hello To Permanent Democrat Power.

At Ace's THE MORNING RANT: It’s Shutdown Theater Time Again! Let’s Look at What Government Spending Will NOT Be Cut, with plenty of examples.

Ace woke up and noticed California School District That Secretly "Transitioned" Child Settles Lawsuit for $100,000, "They got off easy." Ben Bartee, hears that the 'Trans' Man Who Invaded Wyoming Sorority Plays Violin for Himself on MSNBC. At Campus Reform, NC State halts welcome packet pushing group sex and one-night stands, following parental backlash. "After parents spoke up, NC State is apparently discontinuing welcome week sex kits that provided students with materials on 'group sex', along with condoms and lubricant." Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn, gets Rocky Mountain high: CO teachers union instructing members to destroy evidence

Dave Strom, asks Should libraries be "a site for socialist organizing?" Sure, as long as they're also safe spaces for any kind of conservative organizing too. 

Linked at 357 Magnum in Wednesday Link Roundup - 6 September.

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