Saturday, September 16, 2023

Oregon, My Oregon

Beege Wellborn at Hat Hair, Westwa...wait...EASTWARD, ho! The Oregon Trail is now OUT of the state

Pack the Conestoga wagon with the chickens and the chilluns, Millie – we’re heading for the hills of…?

Well…anywhere but this woke Hellhole.
More people left Oregon than moved into the state in 2022, a reversal of growth trends that had endured since the 1980s.

The new U.S. Census Bureau numbers mark the first time Oregon saw more people leaving than arriving since a housing crash in the early ‘80s caused a sharp recession in the state.
Really? You think it was all COVID doing it? Read your own words here, Oregonian.
…Today’s population decline comes in the wake of the COVID-19 recession, which upended the workforce as remote work introduced people to the possibility of working from anywhere. Portland was among the urban centers that saw unusually large flows of residents leaving during this time. While many cities, like Seattle and Fort Worth, saw reversals in population losses after the first full year of the pandemic, Portland continued to shed residents and was among the fastest shrinking big cities in 2022.
Okay, Jan. You’re right. COVID chased all people out of Portland, NEVER TO RETURN. Couldn’t possibly have been anything else.

I mean, back as far as 2021, people were getting tired of “COVID” ruining life in downtown Portland.
After a year of protests, Portland residents have waning patience for antifa

Rose City Antifa is one of the nation’s oldest active antifa groups. Members rarely give interviews, but two who say they are part of antifa agreed to speak to “Nightline” as the situation in their city of Portland, Oregon, has become a prolonged and destructive stalemate.

Rose City Antifa members “Milo” and “Ace” use pseudonyms and they asked that their faces and voices be obscured for this report.
“The use of violence is a tactic of how we keep our communities safe,” Milo said.
Oh, I misspoke. It wasn’t COVID at all. It was out of control alt-right types, judging by unbiased Google results searching for “portland antifa violence.” All I see is “alt-right/Proud Boy clashes” with those nice masked folks protecting the city with violence – keeping it “safe” as it were. Gracious. Probably why David was reporting last week on Nike closing their flagship downtown store – all the alt-righters and work-from home-types just didn’t shop downtown like they used to, and when they did, they hassled the stalwart Antifa patriots protecting Portland.

I hope they at least learned a lesson, and will vote for better politicians wherever it is they move to. 

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