Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Confuses 9/11, Trump ask DC Judge to Step Aside

Breitbart proves Joe Biden Falsely Claims He Visited Ground Zero the Day After 9/11/. Hat Hair's Dave Strom, Joe Biden visited Ground Zero on 9/12/2001--in his own mind. He was doing what Senators do, go to the floor of the Senate and blather. He visited the ruin of the Twin Towers a few days later. I'll give him a partial pass; it's easy to misremember event of 22 years ago, but he might want to have his fact checkers check him before he speaks, rather than letting his enemies do it for  them. At the Babylon Bee, Biden Comforts 9/11 Victims By Telling About The Time He Was Playing Jenga And His Tower Fell Down. At TNP, WEIRD: Watch Biden Smooch John McCain. Greg Byrnes at PJM thinks The Lesson of 9/11 Is a Warning That Biden's Declining Physical and Mental Ability Could Get People Killed. Ace, To Rescue Biden From Another Meandering, Blundering Press Conference, Karine Jean-Pierre Declares That the Press Conference Is Over -- While the Nominal "President" Biden Is Still Babbling. "But Biden's really the one who's in charge of "his" government, right? Nursing Home Joe is totally calling the shots, right? Nursing Home Joe was already having a difficult time slurring his way through his remarks in Hanoi." At Am Think, Steve Feinstein think Biden is a Gold Mine. "If Biden and the Democrats somehow don’t manage to steal the 2024 election and a Republican wins the White House, someone will absolutely write this book and the feeling here is that it will be the big seller of 2025. Actually, my guess is that it’s already written, just waiting to go."

At Da Caller, Top Hunter Biden Prosecutor Sent Colleagues A Column Criticizing Merrick Garland’s Handling Of The Case. Weiss? 

 Mary Chastain at LI, reports House GOP Asks Biden Admin About Classifying Mussels as Endangered That Could Pull Texas Buoys, “The timing of this proposed rule is highly suspicious.” Meanwhile the Free Bacon claims Biden Wants To Shrink Tribal Marine Sanctuary to Accommodate Wind Energy Factory Owned by Dem Donor. Josh Hammer at Am Great says the ‘Bidenomics’ Push Reveals POTUS’s Impotence in Lead-Up to 2024. At Da Caller, a Dem Strategist Says White House Should Be Worried About Low Approval Ratings, Bad Polls. Hat Hair's KT reports  Cenk Uygur scorches Joe Biden for running for re-election. "He is calling Joe Biden “intensely selfish” for running for re-election."

At WaEx, Trump asks Obama-appointed Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse from 2020 elections case. From Da Caller, Trump Asks Judge To Recuse Herself From 2020 Election Case. PJM's Matt Margolis, Trump Legal Team Makes a Big Move Against Judge in Federal Election Case. Sundance at CTH, President Trump Files Motion to Recuse DC Judge Chutkan from Case – However, DC Expected This. She's already publicly called him guilty, so she should, but she probably won't. However, it will be one of many appealable points. 

“Although Judge Chutkan may genuinely intend to give President Trump a fair trial—and may believe that she can do so—her public statements unavoidably taint these proceedings, regardless of outcome,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. “The public will reasonably and understandably question whether Judge Chutkan arrived at all of her decisions in this matter impartially, or in fulfillment of her prior negative statements regarding President Trump.”

Margot Cleveland at Da Fed shows how the Georgia Grand Jury Report Exposes Fulton County Prosecutor As An Election-Integrity Denier  and Fulton County Grand Jury Was Totally Unhinged, Reveals Election Lawyer. At Am Spec Deroy Murdock looks at history and discovers Competing Slates of Electors Have Happened Before, "Congressional Research Service demolishes Fani Willis’ filthy lies about Trump’s ‘fake-elector-scam’"

The Great Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great, The Frightened Left "Weaponizing impeachment is just one of many precedents that Leftists now would not wish to have applied to themselves"

At Da Wire, Kamala Harris On Attacks Against Her: GOP ‘Scared’ Of ‘Merit Of The Work’ I’ve Done. She's really fixed that southern border, right!  From NewsBusters 'Bobby Ran': Chuck Todd Urges Newsom to Run Against Biden Like RFK. Breitbart reports Cornel West Hires Former Marianne Williamson Campaign Manager, because he was so successful. At Althouse, he says "[Cornel West's] presence in the 2024 race gives voters an exceptional choice for truth and justice beyond the corrupt and corrosive duopoly."  "Democracy means choice, it means options for voters, not coronations and vote-shaming. It is long past time to practice democracy rather than just pay it lip service." At NYPo, Dan McCarthy explains Why Democrats (rightly) fear Cornel West in 2024

Don Surber, says America doesn’t need an election; it needs an exorcism. "Trump or death. The indictments cannot stand." At Althouse, "[E]ven if we spend another year between now and the election carefully analyzing the structure and shape of the madhouse we’re locked in, it’s still a madhouse." "As infuriating as it is to admit the electorate may choose another Trump term, the only answer may be to hold on to that truth. Rejecting reality only replicates Republicans’ errors that led to Trump’s rise. Exercise your reason, stay informed, understand what’s happening in all its detail. But at those times when you want to scream in fear and anger, don’t think you’re being foolish or irrational. It just means you can see what’s in front of you." At ET, Conservative Group Lays Out Plan to Gut Administrative State on Day 1 of 2nd Trump Term  Ben Whitehead at Da Wire hears GOP Senator Says He’s Open To Considering Third Party ‘No Labels’ Ticket, Bill Cassidy. 

At Am Spec, Dave Catron worries about Masking, Vaxing, and Mail-In Ballots. "Democrats use masking to make people fearful and willing, once again, to vote by mail."

Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page explains Beyond FBI Failure On 9/11. "How the Bureau’s “Terrorist Screening Center” fails to screen terrorists." Sundance at CTH explores The Post 9/11 Weaponization of The U.S. Govt.

Chris Roach at Am Great presents the Crime and Punishment — January 6 Edition. "We need to stand with January 6 defendants and all political prisoners who are now being punished chiefly for their beliefs." Bob Spencer at Front Page hears from a Jan. 6 Defendant: ‘They Want You Scared’ "The agenda is far more sweeping and insidious than just destroying Trump." PJM's Vicky Taft, Democrats Claim J6 Was as Bad as 9/11. Oh, Really? Matt Margolis hears about a new Insurrection? Activists Occupy Speaker McCarthy’s Office. Breitbart, Protesters Arrested After Storming Kevin McCarthy’s Office. It's pretty safe to predict they won't be treated like the J6 people. 

Politico whines that Prosecutors drop foreign-agent case against Trump transition adviser. "Bijan Rafiekian is a California businessman and former business partner of Trump ally Michael Flynn." Capt. Ed comments "The case shouldn’t have been brought in the first place. The DoJ used it to put pressure on defendants to flip on Trump on what turned out to be the hoax of “Russia collusion.” It reminds us of the long politicization of the DoJ and the collateral damage it caused, and is still causing." I'm against FARA as a matter of free speech, but if it exists, why hasn't Hunter been charged? It's his business model. Breitbart announces D.C. Attorney General Launches Politically Driven Investigation into Leonard Leo, Federalist Society co-chairman. "Leo is being investigated over his ties to a series of nonprofit organizations he is affiliated with, Politico reported, citing a person with direct knowledge of the probe. Schwalb’s investigation comes after the leftwing Center for Accountability, created and funded by the goliath leftwing dark money group Arabella Advisors, filed a complaint against Leo." Pot, kettle. 

At Tablet, Justine El-Khaze warns Unsubscribe From Everything "You may think you’re not worth spying on. But to our government, we’re all terrorists now." Jazz Shaw wonders Is Twitter throttling NY Times links? Well, they are a known source of misdismal information, and besides TwitterX is a private company and censor whoever they want, right? 

From Twitchy, the Tragic story of young girl caught in LGBTQ cult shows EXACTLY what Democrats are doing to kids. At City Journal, All Appearance, No Substance, "A new study claims to find that sex-trait modification improves mental health. It does not." At PJM, Milt Harris asks How Far Have We Fallen? School District Hires Drag Queen Principal. Twitchy, In SHOCKING news, Oklahoma school defends drag queen principal with very SKETCHY history, his child porn charges were dropped. Dan Greenfield at Front Page notes  CAIR Wants Schools to Consult Mosques Before Teaching Sex Ed, "Non-Muslim parents, meanwhile, are treated as "terrorists" for rejecting porn in schools." Da Wire reports Democrats Lash Out At Youngkin For Pardoning Father Of Loudoun Rape Victim "Soros-funded prosecutor calls pardon 'unprecedented and inappropriate intervention'" She was raped by a boy in a skirt in the girls bathroom.

Vox whines The conservative push for “school choice” has had its most successful year ever. "Why did it break through after decades of effort — and what comes next?" Capt. Ed, says "Gee,  I wonder why voters are suddenly supporting these programs? Could it be that public schools went derelict in their duties over no good reason during the pandemic except to benefit unions? Or might it be that public schools are now serving as amplifiers of a transgender social panic that threatens to turn children into neutered mental patients for life? Or perhaps it might be that public-school education delivers consistently poor results with no accountability whatsoever. My best guess is … all of the above reaching critical mass post-pandemic."

Twitchy, Robert Reich asks conservatives to define ‘woke,’ gets buried under avalanche of truth. From Campus Reform, University president warns lawmakers to 'think twice' about restricting DEI, scholars disagree. Chris Rufo at City Journal sees High Stakes in Florida "The Biden administration comes after New College and its conservative reforms, alleging specious civil rights violations." The old liberal ratchet. You're not supposed to be able to undo what they do. Joe Klein at Front Page, fears a Free Speech’s Death Spiral in Academia. "Harvard ranked as worst university in the country for free speech."

mrc-TV, Chicago Teacher’s Union Head Dodges When Residents Discover She Sends Son To… Private School. School choice opponent. At Am Con, The Battle for T.J. Enters a New Phase, "Northern Virginia’s most prestigious high school is testing the courts’ commitment to fair admissions."

Nick Arama at Red State sees Communists Burn Flags Outside Jason Aldean Concert, but the Response Shuts Them Down. Jeff Lord at Am Spec, Revolutionary Communists Lie and Burn at Jason Aldean Concert. "The Revolution Club Chicago may claim otherwise — but Americans have not forgotten the truth of communism." 

Ace wakes up and notices Newest James Bond Novel Features Formerly Valuable IP Character Facing the Real Villiain that Plagues Humanity: Conservative White Men Who Post on Social Media "License to Shill. The World Is Not Woke Enough."

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