Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Hunter Emails Contradict Joe's Denials

 At Fox, Hunter Biden's texts, emails contradict lawyer's claim that he 'did not share' money from businesses with dad "Biden revealed in a 2019 text that his dad made him fork over half his salary." I'm pretty sure 50% was an exaggeration, but he was absolutely bitching about the size of daddies cut. Just Facts Daily shows Joe Biden’s Email Alias Escorted Phone Numbers of Top U.S. Officials to Hunter, 'hey, just call these people and invoke my name.' Dave Catron at Am Spec lists all the things  We Must Believe to Believe Biden Is Innocent. "Is it plausible that the real rainmaker of Biden, Inc. was the only one who didn’t get paid?" From Ace, Another Informant Gave the FBI Information About Joe Biden's Bribery Operations -- And the FBI Responded by Shutting That Informant Down. "It's almost as if the FBI is not a neutral law enforcement agency but rather a lawless Stasi focused on targeting, harassing, and imprisoning the political enemies of The Regime." Ryan King at NYPo, hears Kevin McCarthy predict Hunter Biden will be subpoenaed at the ‘appropriate time.’ Da Caller goes further, McCarthy Says GOP Will Subpoena 9 Biden Family Members, a reunion! Breitbart has a Poll: 50% of Independent Voters Support Impeaching Joe Biden. 'Bonchie' at RedState thinks the Latest Reuters Poll on Biden Impeachment Is Awful News for the President. At Am Great, the great Victor Davis Hanson goes through How Biden Will Circle the Wagons "As impeachment becomes inevitable, the President's defense schemes are predictable." The final step is to toss Hunter to the wolves. "Remember, Hunter also knows his father all too well—Joe’s long resume of plagiarism, greed, arrogance, corruption, lying, and fantasies—and so rightly believes at some point Joe might easily shrug, and in one of his “senile” moments, utter, “Well, no Joke, man—it was all Hunter’s stuff, not mine.”" Mark Tapscott at Insty, BIDEN’S BRIAR PATCH: Some of us are old enough to remember ole Brer Rabbit begging the fox to “please, please don’t throw me in the Briar Patch.” What Brer Rabbit actually wanted was precisely to be in the Briar Patch as that’s where he grew up. Issues and Insights wonders if the Biden White House is mis-playing the same game. At Am Great, Chris Roach compares Symbolic Opposition vs. Effective Political Action, "The power of the purse and prosecuting rogue intel officials are but two arrows in the Right's quiver."

Mediaite, has a NEW POLL: Whopping 72 Percent of Americans Believe Biden is Not ‘Physically Healthy Enough’ to Be President. Sauron's Eye whines that a CBS News Biden-Trump poll finds concerns about Biden finishing a second term, and voters' finances also weigh on Biden. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN reports U.S. officials with dementia may pose national security threat, Pentagon-funded study finds. "The report states that "an increasing number of cleared personnel-that is, personnel who hold or have held security clearances-have or will have dementia." How about the Preznit? Dave Strom at Hat Hair disagrees, AYFKM?! Joe Biden much more coherent than Trump! Also from Ryan King at NYPo again, Trump backs cognitive tests for presidents after his own series of slipups, including claim Biden would push US into WWII. From Twitchy, Krassenstein posts random video to tout Biden as 'beloved by the people,' steps on gigantic rake. Who? At the Free Bacon, a Poll a Majority of Americans Oppose Iran Prisoner Swap "Biden freed up $6 billion for Iran." Madeleine Hubbard again, Trump slams Biden's Iran prisoner swap, warns 'MANY MORE HOSTAGES WILL BE TAKEN' "Iran freed five Americans Monday in exchange for the release of five Iranians held by the United States and the unfreezing of $6 billion in Tehran's assets." Da Caller hears Ted Cruz Say Dems Will ‘Parachute’ In Michelle Obama, ‘Jettison’ Joe Biden. I don't think she want to work that hard, even with BO doing all the behind the scenes stuff. 

TNP reports Trump Said There Isn’t ‘Much Democracy’ In America. Most People Agree. At Hat Hair Dave Strom is upset when Trump says heartbeat bills are "terrible." Well, they're not helping us win. NYPo reports Trump to skip second GOP debate, will rally with striking autoworkers in Detroit. Sundance at CTH claims Speaker Kevin McCarthy Uses Castellanos Move w/ Trump to Avoid Budget Criticism. Althouse catches some projection, "The first thing to understand about Trump is that he’s not a normal politician. He doesn’t give a rip about policy." ""What he cares about is saying and doing whatever it takes to fulfill his desires and thirst for power, including destroying democracy if necessary. Treating him as anything other than a depraved authoritarian is not only wrongheaded, but helps his cause by legitimizing him as a reasonable choice for voters. And that’s exactly what Welker did." I'm reading "How not to interview Trump/Kristen Welker's tenure as 'Meet the Press' moderator got off to an inauspicious start," by Aaron Rupar." Dan Chaitin at Da Wire reports an 11th U.S. Senator Endorses Trump, Mike Braun. At ET, McCarthy Makes Prediction on Who Will Be GOP's White House Nominee, not DeSantis. At Da Caller ‘What’s The Point Of Your Campaign?’: Fox News Host Confronts Vivek As Trump Surges In Polls. Tomorrow we take over the world, Pinky. 

Althouse again, "Mr. McCarthy, in his desperate pursuit of the speakership last winter, ran around making promises willy-nilly to the House’s small band of right-wingers..." ""... and he will now rise and fall on how he handles those commitments and expectations.... His attempt to placate them by announcing an impeachment investigation into President Biden went over poorly, prompting multiple Freedom Caucusers to scold him for trying to buy them off.... Gaetz & Company have a point: Mr. McCarthy is out of compliance with several of his promises...." Writes Michelle Cottle, in "Maybe Matt Gaetz Is Right" (NYT)."

Kurt Schlichter is pleased That Miserable Bag Of Goo Mitt Romney Slinks Away Humiliated. The Babylon Bee jests Democrats Scramble To Find Replacement For Retiring Mitt Romney. Still better than Obama. 

Fox, Senate to no longer enforce dress code for senators "'I will continue to wear a suit,' Sen Chuck Schumer says of the change." I'd rather see him in an orange jumpsuit. Bob Spencer at PJM identifieds the obvious person affected, Rumors Are Flying That Fetterman Has Been Replaced With a Double – but They’re Missing the Biggest Oddity, that he put 5 coherent words together. Hey, it's progress!

Banned in Boston!
Dan Greenfield at Front Page thinks Car Bans Could Be a Deciding Factor in 2024 "Urban Democrats love them, everyone else hates them." From Da Caller, Blue State Gov. Announces Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bottles, Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey.

Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed reports Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Oust Top Election Official Following Messy And Chaotic 2020 Election 

While largely ignored by corporate media, numerous court rulings have determined that the WEC has violated several areas of state law regarding the conduction of Wisconsin elections. In July 2022, for instance, the Wisconsin Supreme Court found the WEC’s guidance authorizing the use of ballot drop boxes in the 2020 election violated state law. In its ruling, the high court specifically deemed the use of such devices illegal and prohibited their use in future elections. More recently, a Wisconsin circuit court ruled the WEC illegally authorized a federal voter registration form used “to register new voters by mail.”

Mark Hemingway at Da Fed, Democrat Produces Video Alleging Bridgeport Mayor Stole Election By Stuffing Ballot Boxes. So, they will cheat each other, but never Donald Trump, am I right?  Ben Bartee at PJM claims The Fruits of Technocracy: Quantitative Analysis Shows Google Steered 6 Million Votes to Biden in 2020. I doubt they really know the number that well, but they really tried. Dan Suhr at Da Fed, Democrats’ Double Standard On Judicial Impartiality Is Obvious From Wisconsin To Washington

At Am Great, Josiah Lippincott watches The Hysterical Left Goes to War With Trump "There is no way out of our contemporary crisis without struggle, pain, and sacrifice." From the Daily Fetched, Pelosi Calls for ‘Intervention’ to Stop ‘Sick’ Trump from Becoming President. Jonathan Turley at NYPo says Jack Smith goes too far in trying to gag Donald Trump. Politico, California Dems consider unique approach to getting Trump off ballot "California lawmakers are urging AG Bonta to expedite court action against former president." The old 14th Amendment gambit. Breitbart, ‘Low’ Tactics: Scared California Democrats Ask AG to Remove Trump from Ballot. From Da Caller, ‘Bad Precedent’: Top Scholar Backing Argument For Disqualifying Trump From 2024 Ballot Changes His Mind  "Calabresi said he no longer believes that the category of official listed in the amendment’s text that he applied to Trump, “an officer of the United States,” actually extends to the presidency. "Trump is loathsome, but because of a technicality in the drafting of the Disqualification Clause of Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Clause does not apply to Trump,”"

Da Caller reports Kash Patel Sues Over DOJ Subpoena Of His Personal Email Account Data: ‘Politically Motivated.’ At Da Fetched, Kash Patel Sues FBI Director, Former DOJ Officials for ‘Targeting’ Personal Records. At Fox, Trump alleges Pelosi turned down 10,000 soldiers ahead of Capitol riot: 'She’s responsible for Jan 6'. "Former president says Capitol police 'destroyed all the evidence about Nancy Pelosi.'"

Maren Morris
Sister Toldja at Red State hears Woke Maren Morris Blames Trump for Her Quitting Country Music, John Rich Gives Her a Fitting Send-Off  'Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.'

Bob Spencer at PJM, While Using Drag Queens for Recruitment, Woke General Milley Hotly Denies That Military Is Woke

Joy Pullman at Da Fed, Biden Administration Takes First Amendment Assassination Attempt To The Supreme Court. At NewsBusters, PBS Hypes Smear on ‘Popular Authoritarian Movement Within the Republican Party’ PBS delenda est. Dan Klein at Am Spec note Misinformation Is a Word We Use To Shut You Up "The guardians against ‘misinformation’ are the greatest purveyors of misinformation." The Martin Center reports on “Bias” Reporting as Social-Credit Scheme. "Repurposed technologies are allowing UNC-System schools to maintain troubling records."

The Wombat has Rule 5 Monday: Farm Girls and FMJRA 2.0: Gewitter up for your digital delight.

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