Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Epps Charged with Disorderly Conduct, Hunter Pleads Not Guilty

The Democrat's favorite J6 rioter, Ray Epps, well known for being caught on video exhorting a crowd to enter the Capitol on J5, and actually being on site at J6 urging people to push through the barriers and entering the restricted grounds himself, has apparently reached a sweetheart deal with the DOJ, whereby he will likely plead guilty to a single misdemeanor count of "disorderly conduct" and will probably receive no jail time, which doesn't sit well with those who think he may have been an agent provocateur. At Da Caller,  Ray Epps Charged With A Misdemeanor For His Alleged Role In January 6th Riot. At Town Hall,  Spencer Brown, Here's What Ray Epps Was Just Charged With for His Role in January 6. Kylee Griswold at Da Fed says On The Darkest Day In American History, Ray Epps Was Just A Little Rascal. "How many times do the media need to tell you people Ray Epps isn’t a fed before you get it through your thick skulls? It’s a CONSPIRACY. Nothing to see here." Ace, Ray Epps Charged with a Single Misdemeanor for Ringleading January 6th Breach, For Which He Has Worked Out a Plea Deal; Media Pretends This Disproves "Conspiracy Theories" That He's a Fed, Rather Than Confirming Them. Vicky Taft at PJM speculates  Well, Well, Well, Look at the 'Conspiracy Theory' the J6 Cat Finally Dragged in. Why Now?  At the NYPo the divine Ms. Divine adds helpfully that the FBI lost count of how many paid informants were at Capitol on Jan. 6, and later performed audit to figure out exact number. At Gateway, PELOSI LIED! Former Capitol Police Chief Sund Testifies He Had 3 Calls with Pelosi on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Said They Never Spoke – But Sund Says He Has the Receipts!

And, just to clear the "deep state" bin, Breitbart reports Mayorkas Names Russia Hoaxers, Laptop Deniers Brennan, Clapper to Intelligence ‘Experts’ Panel. At Am Think, Steve McCann thinks about The Evolution of the American Police State, and from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.18.23, Ron Wright at Am Think thinks about Who is Seth Rich? Who Murdered Him? And What’s The Deep State Hiding?

To no one's surprise, Da Wire reports Hunter Biden To Plead Not Guilty To Federal Gun Charges. NewsMax, Hunter Biden Will Plead Not Guilty to Gun Charges. The first step in a new plea agreement, I assume. Jake Sullum at Reason, Hunter Biden's Multiplying Gun Charges Threaten the Right to Arms and the Right to Trial. "The collapse of his plea deal set up a clash with his father, who doggedly defends the firearm regulations his son violated." Paul Sperry at RCI asks Did Hunter Biden Lie to His Own Memoir? With examples of inconsistencies. Of course he did, shade the truth. Da Wire again, Gavin Newsom On Hunter Biden Using Dad To Get Business Deals: ‘That’s Hardly Unique’. Fussy Slippers at LI catches the media moving the goalposts again, Nothing To See Here: Hacktivist Media Two-Steps From No Evidence of Biden Wrongdoing To No ‘Direct’ Evidence. Nothing but a confession will do. Ace wakes up and notices Hunter Biden Sues the IRS "A year ago Hunter Biden let it leak that his legal team was going to pursue a very aggressive Saul Rosenberg strategy of "sue everybody." He would make the process the punishment for noticing his many, many crimes." Roger Kimball at Da Spec says The Biden crime family is our own reality-TV mafia show "You cannot make this saga up. And you don’t have to." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.18.23, The Geller Reports  Biden Regime Instructs Their Media Lapdogs To Suppress Coverage of Charges Against Biden, Biden Wants to Shrink Marine Sanctuary That Protects Endangered Whales to Accommodate Wind Energy Factory Owned By Dem Donor.

Stacy McCain examines The Delusions of Michael Tomasky "How can anyone be so out of touch with reality as to believe that Joe Biden is a victim of Republican bias in the media?" At TNP, House GOP Will Hold First Biden Impeachment Hearing Next Week. Excuse me, that impeachment INQUIRY hearing. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed details  How The House Should Grill Attorney General Merrick Garland

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.18.23, American Power: Top Democrats’ Bullishness on Biden 2024 Collides With Voters’ Worries.

Insty, TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Biden short-circuits during UN speech then gets in a fight with his teleprompter … and loses (watch). RNC Research@RNCResearch "Biden says he wants to work with China on "accelerating the climate crisis." I prefer to think of it as a Kinsley gaffe. From Front Page, Dems Prepping for a New Veep? "Anderson Cooper asks Pelosi what should have been a softball question." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.18.23, Charlie Kirk at Da Fed, 5 Wrong Predictions Ruining Democrats’ Plan For 2024.

Beege Wellborn at Hat Hair watches ABC News and learns US poverty rate has first increase in 13 years: I have been assured this is impossible. Chris Jacobs at Da Fed notes Falling Household Income Numbers Show How ‘Bidenflation’ Has Hit Americans’ Wallets. PJM's Rick Moran would like you to Take a Guess What the Fastest Growing Jobs Sector Has Been. Government. WSJ, cited at Hat Hair, The Fed Isn’t Getting the Economy It Expected. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.18.23, The Lid: This Extremely Important Indicator Is Absolutely Screaming That A Recession Is Coming.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.18.23,   Volokh Conspiracy: Why President Trump is an “Officer” who Can be Disqualified From Holding Public Office Under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Da Fed's Jordan Boyd thinks Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Gag Order Designed To Destroy Trump’s First Amendment Right To Criticize Biden On Campaign Trail. Yep.

Insty, THIS IS PROBABLY WHY RFK, JR. IS FACING POTENTIAL ASSASSINATION NOW: Stunning 38% would vote third party in Trump-Biden election. "But expect the Dems to promote a Ross Perot type to undercut Trump." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.18.23, The Geller Report: Trump Exposed the Rot and Fraud of the Elites. Dave Strom at Hat Hair sees As Trump predicted, Washington and Jefferson are next, to get their statues toppled. Fox News@FoxNews "NYC to consider removing statues of George Washington, create reparations task force amid budget cuts." John Davidson at Da Fed, thinks Trump Is Delusional To Think He Can Broker ‘Peace’ In The Abortion Debate. The Middle East is easy by comparison. At Fox, Ramaswamy's trolling of Pence for 'copying' his 'revolutionary ideas' gets called out by X fact check. "Ramaswamy's campaign says the level of detail on his plans to shut down the Education Department is 'unprecedented.'"

Athena Thorne at PJM has hopes Maybe This Latest Blatant Ballot Box Stuffing Scandal Will Be the Last Straw. Maybe, but I doubt it.

mrcTV reports Biden Admin Gives $5M For 'Journalists' With Hurt FeelingsThe Daily Caller Reports "The Biden administration has approved $5.7 million in grant funding to George Washington University to create a program that will provide psychological care to journalists who believe they are the targets of “misinformation-driven harassment campaigns.”" If you pay for hurt feelings, you'll get a lot more of them. At Behind the Black, SpaceX sues to get Justice’s discrimination suit thrown out on constitutional grounds

VodkaPundit at PJM They Were Too Young to Consent but Now They're Old Enough to Sue. At Twitchy, Matt Walsh pulls ZERO punches in this brutal 'Come to Jesus' moment addressing trans activists (watch) Daily Wire@realDailyWire "@mattwalshblog's message to the trans activists:  "You came after our children. You seek to suck them into your suicide cult just to make yourself feel better. You want my children to share in your confusion so that you can feel better. And you wonder why that makes me angry." At CJ, My Gender Is “Rock”. "A video from the nonprofit Gender Spectrum trains K–12 schools to help students explore neo-identities such as “rockgender” and “autismgender.”" mrcTV, She's the Man: Kansas HS Crowned Their Homecoming Queen, and...uh..... Good news from Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page, it's Transgender History Month! "Pedofornia sets out to trans-form history." At Da Caller, Liberals Try To Explain Why You Can Change Your Gender But Not Your Race. Amusing. From the Free Bacon, 'Body Positivity' Is Literally Killing People, Science Finds "No, this isn't healthy." Fat girls hit hardest. At TNP, New AIDS Memorial Sculpture is Butt(hole) of Local Jokes. "A new AIDS memorial in Palm Springs, California is stirring controversy, due to its similarity to an orifice which is often people’s first point of contact with the disease. From one side, the $500,000 memorial looks like a generic, donut-like modernist sculpture engraved with a swirling pattern – but from the other side it resembles an anus." Vaguely appropriate. 

Politico whines that an Anti-affirmative action group sues West Point over race-conscious admissions. "Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is listed as one of several defendants."

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Gewitter up for your digital delight.

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