Thursday, September 21, 2023

New Florida Pompano Record in MD

BaytoBay News, Salisbury angler catches record Florida pompano off Bloodsworth Island

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has officially recognized Bobby Graves of Salisbury as the third official state record holder for the Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) in the Chesapeake Division.

Graves caught the record-breaking 6.44-pound fish in the Chesapeake Bay near Bloodsworth Island on Sept. 17. He caught this impressive pompano while fishing for spotted sea trout using soft crab for bait. The fork length of the fish was 20.25 inches, and the total length to the tip of the tail was 22 inches.


Sara Salt with a big Pompano

Graves reached out to the department for species verification and documentation of the catch. Fisheries biologist Gary Tyler verified the species as a Florida pompano. Its weight was certified by How Sweet It Is produce market in Eden.

The species is commonly found in the southeastern U.S., in the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, but occasionally moves northward and has become increasingly common in Maryland waters. Given its increased frequency, the Department of Natural Resources began recognizing Florida pompano for Maryland state records in 2019.

This new record breaks the previous record set by David Schrock on Labor Day weekend of 2020, a 5.05-pound fish caught from shore on Tilghman Island. The current International Game Fish Association world record for Florida pompano is 8.25 pounds, caught in Port St. Joe Bay, Florida, in October 1999.

I caught some Pompano when I lived in Florida, way back when. Of course, it was with a cast net, which doesn't count. It would be a kick to catch one off Bloodsworth some day. They seem to really like crustaceans, but maybe they would eat a shrimpy looking artificial.

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  1. In South Carolina we used sand fleas. Didn't catch real big ones but plenty big enough to eat. Might be my favorite to eat.