Friday, September 22, 2023

Beach Report

Tropical Storm Ophelia got her act together off South Carolina overnight, and the current cone of probability has us squarely in her sights. While I expect it to be less than full tropical storm strength by the time it gets this far inland, current forecasts are calling for up to 3 inches of rain, winds to 25 mph from later today until Monday, and tides up to 1 foot above highest astronomical tides on Sunday night.
I went down to the harbor to make the sure boat was as ready as it can be. The motor starts, the bilge pump works, and the scuppers are clear. I loosened the lines a hair so it can rise a little higher than usual, but I don't expect it to be a problem.
Then I took a walk on the beach. Although it's not raining yet, it was still pretty stormy, with 20 kt NNE winds, and the beach was all sand. I found four teeth, including these two small Snaggletooths, and gave away one to a woman who drove 2 hrs to get here today.

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