Thursday, September 14, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Impeachment Inquiry Started

OK, some of this is a little old, since I was otherwise occupied yesterday. It's not as bad as WaPoo, though, which publishes a day late, and delivers the "morning" paper in the afternoon mail.

Spencer Brown at Town Hall, Official Impeachment Inquiry Into President Biden Announced. This enlarges their subpoena powers slightly, and makes a nice threat. Insty, WHOEVER IS RUNNING THE DRUDGE REPORT THESE DAYS JUST HAD AN ANEURYSM "To add to Ben Domenech’s tweet, it’s not like we warned the left repeatedly that they’re not going to enjoy living under the new rules they created." JulioRosas @Julio_Rosas11 "Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially announces an impeachment inquiry into President Biden." Ace, Kevin McCarthy Announces Support for Impeachment Proceedings Against Joseph Robinette Biden, "Criminals are referred to by their full names." Sundance at CTH, Speaker Kevin McCarthy Announces Formal Impeachment Investigation of Biden, Led by James Comer, Jim Jordan and Jason Smith. "I wish I could find something positive and optimistic in this announcement; unfortunately, the posturing moves of the DC machinery never lead to a genuine level of accountability. The UniParty protects its own." From the Right Scoop, Senate Republicans come out AGAINST House impeachment of Joe Biden. And, of course, at ET, House GOP Biden Impeachment Inquiry Denounced by Democrats as 'Absurd'. Athena Thorne at PJM, AYFKM? CNN Breaks Story About Secret White House Media Directive to Bash Impeachment — to Bash Impeachment. Anxious anxiously whines Biden's words from 2020 fuel GOP's impeachment push. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, comments "Oddly enough, Axios doesn’t use the word “lie” to describe Biden’s claims of total non-involvement in Hunter’s business, although they include the term in two quotes — one of which refers to Trump. Still, this shows the “evidence” that the AP claimed was missing last night, and that’s just one part of the evidence. The SARs, the existence of 20 or more LLCs filtering foreign income from Biden family interests, and most importantly the Bedingfield memo all provide evidence of an influence-peddling organization and corrupt participation by then-VP Biden in it." 

Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall sees There's Been a Narrative Shift on Joe Biden's Business Dealings, "no DIRECT evidence" of Joe's involvement in Hunter's influence peddling scheme.Ace, White House Spokeshenchman Claims That Joe Biden Attended "Business" Meetings With Hunter's Foreign Criminal "Business" Associates Because "He Loves His Son." "A Father's Love -- the Continuing Voyages. Biden's daughter can tell a few tales about A Father's Love, but the media's not interested in that. The marching orders to the media have gone out, and the orders are to claim (as the media already has been claiming) that there is "no evidence" -- zero, nada, nil, nothing, zip -- that Joe Biden had anything at all to do with Hunter's collection of bribes from Russian gangsters, corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs, and Chinese intelligence operatives posing (weakly) as oil men." At WaEx, Ex-FBI agent Timothy Thibault, accused of Hunter Biden political bias, meets with Congress. He was involved in both the Russiagate frame job and covering Hunter's ass. Matt Vespa at Town Hall thinks Another FBI Narrative About the Hunter Biden Case Just Imploded. At this point, you should assume anything put out by the FBI is either a direct lie, or a lie by omission. Politico is weeks late to the party with The IRS whistleblower at the heart of the Hunter Biden probe took notes. We’ve got them. "Gary Shapley’s lawyers say he wrote contemporaneously that the U.S. Attorney investigating the president’s son said he was constrained."

At Red State Nick Arama wants you to WATCH: Reporter Asks John Kirby Best Question Ever About Biden 'Making Stuff Up'. He never did address the question. Also, Biden May Have Plagiarized Ground Zero Remark, as Kirby Spins Mightily to Justify False Claim. Stephen Kruiser at PJM thinks it Sure Would Be Nice If We Had a President Who Was a Patriot. Ace, Despite Nursing Home Joe's Glowing Predictions of Fuffiffthithafffm, Inflation Is About To Get Worse. "Joe Biden promised fuffiffthithafffm. Joe Biden lied."

Hat Hair's KT hears Barbara Lee rips Newsom a new one over his "insulting" plan to replace Senator Feinstein. Never-anybody-but-Trump Sundance thinks Nikki Haley Positioned to Replace Ron DeSantis for second place in the Republican primary race. "Haley is an empty vessel.  She has no true positions of her own and uses the headlines and sentiment of the moment to determine her outlooks.  This is why she previously said she would not run against Donald Trump, and said Bubba Wallace was a victim of horrible NASCAR racism."  Althouse, "I only got married because I was 37 years old … and people would think I was queer if I weren’t married." "Said JFK, according to a woman who worked with him during his Senate years, quoted in the first paragraph of "Tim Scott has a woman problem/Like nagging parents, some Republicans want to know why the presidential candidate has never been married" (Boston Globe)."

[Tim Scott] has never been married. There is no indication that he has plans to get married. And that’s a problem for some Republicans who, like nagging parents, want to know why Scott, 57, is unmarried.That article was published a week ago. I ran across it this morning after doing a search prompted by this headline in today's Washington Post: "Tim Scott’s girlfriend/The unmarried Republican presidential candidate doesn’t like talking about his new relationship very much. But he is talking about it."

Hat Hair cites NBC, It's too late baby, it's too late -- even if you really try to make it “The runway for someone to realistically run for president is basically over,” said Nick Trainer, who served as Delegates and Party Organization director on Trump’s 2020 campaign but is not working for a White House hopeful this cycle. Capt. Ed, says "Brownie points if you get the Carole King reference in the headline. But NBC doesn’t mention that it’s not just too late for *Republicans* in this cycle. The window is also rapidly closing on any rational alternatives to Biden for 2024 through the primary process except for Harris, who’s already on the ticket. At this late stage, no Democrat could get campaigns up and running fast enough to challenge Biden thanks to the same deadlines. That’s a much bigger problem for Democrats; Republicans already have plenty of options."

Susanna Gibson does it "doggy style"
Meanwhile, next door in Virginia, Ace reports a Democrat Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates F*cked on Camera for Money, "Yeah that tracks.

A Democratic candidate running for a seat in Virginia's House of Delegates had sex with her husband in front of a live online audience and solicited "tips" for specific sex acts.

Susanna Gibson, a mother of two children, streamed herself having sex on Chaturbate, a website that streams live sex and free sex chats, according to the Washington Post. More than a dozen videos posted on the site under her username were archived in Sept. 2022, after she announced her candidacy to run in a highly competitive district in the Richmond area.

Gibson can reportedly be seen soliciting "tips" for performing certain acts requested by viewers, according to the Post. In at least two videos, she reportedly told viewers she is "raising money for a good cause."

She also interrupted her sexual acts to type into a bedside computer and speak directly to the viewers to request "tips," which are paid through icons called "tokens," the Post reported. In two videos, she performed specific acts only in a "private room," which costs extra.

Gibson called the exposure of the videos "an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family," the Post reported.

Hat Hair's John Sexton,  Slate, Politico: Who cares if a candidate was livestreaming sex for money and Dave Strom, New standard drops...  and Democrat candidate streamed sex for money; it's the Republicans' fault for pouncing. "That is the word from Politico’s chief media writer, Jack Shafer, who admires Susanna Gibson’s “moxie” in standing proud against the Puritans who think that selling sex acts for money online isn’t noteworthy or relevant to whether she is fit for office."

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