Wednesday, September 13, 2023

I'm Back!


The toughest fishing trip I've been on in quite a while. I signed on to a walk-on with Walleye Pete for this morning and we met at the boat in Solomons  at 5:15, to get to the power plant (CCNPP) by sunrise.

The powerplant being basically a bust (although one lucky guy caught a slot Redfish (a fish between 19 and 27 inches, so you can keep it). Next we crossed to the remains of James Island, where a current rip in the wake of one of the few remaining islets yielded a few very nice rockfish, all on poppers. I didn't get one.
The best rockfish, and this slot redfish. After this point we fished inside the Little Choptank River, to get away from a 10-15 kt NW wind, which was putting mud in most of the good fishing spots. A few small stripers and one sub-legal Redfish showed up there.
We then chased a long way south with the wind at our back, and tried Mike's Rocks and Magic Cove. I caught this sublegal puppy drum in Magic Cove, the only fish there, as far as we can tell.
A nice, barren tidal creek at the south end of Hoopers Island. At that point, we headed way south, down near the Target Ship, in hopes of big Bluefish, and maybe a shot at Reds or Cobia, but none were to be found. Weather reports had predicted the wind to ease back in the late morning and afternoon, and that didn't happen, and we had to lump a long way home. A total of 110 miles on the water according to Pete's GPS. I believe it.

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