Monday, September 25, 2023

Beach Report 9/25/23

Two days after Tropical Depression Charlotte, we got a chance to get up the beach and see what changes have occurred as a result of the high tides and  wave action. 

Skye and Georgia turned around at the start of Matoaka, to avoid tiring Skye too much, so I had to go it alone.
There's a huge new fall from the cliff, about 50 ft long. Hopefully it will yield a new crop of fossils. The other thing you can (barely) see in these two photos is the "big tree" across the beach. Although I couldn't (or at least didn't) get that far up.
Another familiar tree, the "step over" tree, one which was anchored on the cliff side, was shoved to one side (in the distance). All in all, some significant changes on the beach, but nothing extreme.

And, oh yes, I managed a mere 11 shark's teeth today. 

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