Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Wednesday Wetness

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will increase monitoring for the toxic class of chemicals known as PFAS. The announcement comes about a month after the U.S. Geological Survey found 76% of at least 161 rivers and streams in the state contained one or more of the so-called “forever chemicals.”

PFAS are commonly used in products from nonstick cookware to firefighting foam, and can remain in the environment — and the human bloodstream — for years. The chemicals are linked to serious health problems, including some cancers, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, and developmental delays in children. That has led to numerous lawsuits against companies that make the products, such as DuPont and its successor companies, and 3M.

Wastewater treatment facilities and electronics manufacturers are top PFAS polluters in the state — particularly in highly-populated areas such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, according to the USGS. The researchers collaborated with the DEP to complete the study. 

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