Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Taylor Swift is the Root of All Evil

But first Starting back on the Biden Crime Family beat, at Da Fed, Margot Cleveland claims an EXCLUSIVE: FBI Lies About ‘Highly Credible’ Source Claims Were Leaked To NYT And Spoonfed To Weiss. The FBI has clearly exceeded its "use by" date, and needs to be either rebuilt from the ground up, or abolished, and the function moved into the Marshal service. At Da Caller James Lynch reports Hunter Biden Told Bank Advisors He Had $100,000 Coming From Joe Biden’s Account Amid Financial Troubles and House Oversight Subpoenas Mayorkas, Secret Service For Allegedly Tipping Off Biden Team About Hunter Interview. PJM's Matt Margolis believes Barack Obama Could Play a Key Role in Biden Corruption Investigation. It's up to Obama as to whether the archives will release the 5000 odd emails Joe sent under pseudonyms:

"This situation naturally puts Barack Obama in a rather huge pickle. By barring the release of these emails, Obama becomes irrefutably tied to both the scandal and the cover-up of Biden’s corruption. Obama may not be particularly concerned about protecting Joe Biden, but should he bar the release of the emails, it will raise questions about whether he is doing so to protect himself as well. As we’ve previously reported, there’s little reason to believe that Obama wasn’t aware of what his vice president was up to.

Rep. Ogles to Newsmax: 'Go Time' for Impeaching Biden. Let's not be hasty, use the time to investigate everybody who may be involved. 

Ace, "Doctor" Jill Biden, Who Has a Doctorate In Numbers, Shapes, and Colors, Has Covid Despite Being More Filled with Vax Than Steven Colbert's Writing Room, ""Winter of Death" alert." From Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Jill Biden's reminder that the more vaccines, the more COVID infections. I'm suspicious of the data, but there it is. Da Caller reports ‘I Am Not Abandoning You’: Biden Personally Counseled Randi Weingarten While Slow-Walking School Re-Opening.

'Bonchie' at Red State wants you to WATCH: Biden Leaves Everyone Confused as He Walks Out in the Middle of a Medal of Honor Ceremony. A deliberate slight or a confused old man, you pick. At least he knew the way out this time. At Da Caller, Biden Is ‘Too Old,’ Harris Is Not Electable, Former Democrat Senator Says, DeConcini. Sister Toldjah at RedState Life Comes at Chris Cillizza Fast After Puff Piece on Biden’s Alleged ‘Decency’ Misses the Mark

Duane Patterson at Hat Hair VIP sees that When Joe Biden says, "I cut the deficit," what he means is it's going back over $2 trillion this year alone. Straight Arrow News, US deficit is projected to roughly double this year, watchdog says.  Insty, EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Wall Street Silver@WallStreetSilv, "Real Estate Industry in Panic Mode: 45% Drop in Home Purchases – Bigger Than '08! Home sales are now down 31% in 2023. Without transactions, many jobs that are commission oriented are seeing huge declines in incomes. Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title insurance, home inspectors. All of the various categories are entering a depressions from lack of transactions."  At Da Blaze, CNBC anchor gets frank with Biden's top economic adviser about the truth on 'Bidenomics': 'It's not working'. Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn says Merry Bidenomics Xmas: Saudis extend oil cuts through December. "Buckle up and plan your trips around town carefully. No doubt we’ll shortly be at the “every drop is painful” stage before too long." Ace, Biden Poll Numbers Now Lower Than the Biden Household Age of Consent, "Poll: A large majority of Americans reject Bidenomics." Hat Hair's John Sexton gratified that Minority voter support for Biden looks pretty weak. From the Free Bacon, 'This Is Extremely Dangerous': Inside the Biden Administration's Push To Swap Science for 'Indigenous Knowledge'. "The White House urges federal agencies to consider tribal religion alongside scientific studies." Pretty much their economic policy too, except the religion is leftism.

At Da Wire, Mark Meadows, Five Other Co-Defendants Plead Not Guilty In Georgia Racketeering Indictment. Politico has hopes Trump’s co-defendants are already starting to turn against him "There’s a nascent courtroom strategy by some people close to Donald Trump: Heap blame on the former president." Capt. Ed thinks "The strategies here could be more complex than just flipping, and this last excerpt hints at it. There’s a reason why Fani Willis wants to try all 19 in one trial; in separate trials, each can point the finger at others to escape punishment. Trump is expected to claim executive immunity to all of this, which won’t work because none of this falls under the normal duties of the presidency. However, assuming it *did* work, then all of the other 18 can blame Trump, and Trump would be untouchable regardless. Rather than “flipping,” this could be a kind of coordinated-chaos strategy to break Willis’ case into smaller pieces that could be overcome." Hat Hair's KT asks Is Mark Meadows preparing to flip on Trump in Georgia case? George Parry at Am Spec speculates Meadows Might Thwart Fani’s Plan, "His move to transfer the case from state to federal court will take years to resolve."

John Sexton again, Grand jury that indicted Trump on RICO charges just indicted 61 'cop city' protesters on RICO charges. "Some on the left will want to argue the RICO charges are too severe against the protesters while some on the right will argue they are too severe for Trump. The same grand jury brought both indictments though different prosecutors were involved." At Twitchy, Schadenfreude: 'Their rules' hits the left with new RICO charges.

From Breitbart, WSJ Editorial Board Shoots Down Legal Theory to Keep Donald Trump off Ballot. At Da Caller, Turley calls it ‘Quite Maddening’: Jonathan Turley Explains Why 14th Amendment Strategy Against Trump Is The ‘Most Dangerous Theory.’ Never-Trumper Andy McCarthy at NRO, cited at Hat Hair, notes Trump isn't accused of insurrection -- nor is anyone else. Jeff Lord at Am Spec says Trump Is Right: Democrats Are Trashing Democracy. "They’re rigging the 2024 election." At PM, Data Shows It Is Almost Impossible for Trump to Get a Fair Trial in D.C.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.05.23 EBL asks Do Republicans have to go all in with Trump? "Trump has some pretty high hurdles to win in the general. But so far, I do not see any of the Republican candidates who can do better (It is possible, I just don't see it so far)." TNP reports The EU is FREAKING OUT Over Trump’s 2024 Return. CNN, cited at Hat Hair, Poll: 68% of GOP voters say Trump allegations not relevant to their primary choice. Tom Jackson at Hat Hair VIP on Why DeSantis' 'Florida Blueprint' is a model for conservative success. Hat Hair's KT thinks it's Delicious that Rolling Stone had to issue a correction for reporting neo-Nazis are DeSantis supporters. They turned out to be pro-Biden. Aubery Gulick at Am Spec sees that Ramaswamy Has Smarm Appeal: Younger Voters Want Energy. I used that word for him a few days ago. At the Free Bacon, 'Good To Be On': Ramaswamy Appears on Anti-Semitic YouTuber's Podcast "Podcaster Albert Faleski has accused Jews of 'dual loyalty'" He's still at the "any publicity is good publicity" stage.  New Neo sees Leftist business-as-usual: crying RACIST! "DeSantis is a racist and Vivek is a white supremicist, according to the leftist MSM."

At Da Signal, Hans von Spakovsky explains why Georgia’s Court Win a Commonsense Victory for Election Integrity.

WaEx reports Musk blames Anti-Defamation League for X's low ad revenue and threatens lawsuit. Mary Chastain at LI says No, Elon Musk Isn’t Anti-Semitic Because He Threatened a Lawsuit Against the Anti-Defamation League. "Musk claimed the ADL pressured advertisers away from X/Twitter, causing millions lost in revenue." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.05.23  Twitchy asks Is Elon Musk Going To Sue The Anti-Defamation League? From HE, LIBS OF TIKTOK: The ADL tried to deplatform me on X after defaming me, and now Elon Musk plans to expose them. Since LOTT is Jewish, the ADL must be anti-Semitic, QED. Atop Da Summit, Elon Musk’s Father Fears The Worst, Assassination.

At Reclaim the Net, ADL Calls on Biden and Harris To Create Directive To Tackle Online “Hate” Through Public-Private Partnership, in other words fascism. Stream says Four Years Later, Google’s Search Bias is as Blatant as Ever. Probably worse. Spiked ushers in The new age of agitprop "The mainstream media have abandoned the pursuit of objectivity and truth." They never possessed it in the first place. Twitchy, Glenn Greenwald gets WAY too honest about what Democrats REALLY stand for and Lefty just can't DEALGlenn Greenwald@ggreenwald, "The top 2 priorities of CIA and the US Security State: 1) Infinitely prolong the war in Ukraine to weaken Russia. 2) Control online political speech to banish dissent. The liberal-left overwhelmingly supports both. The few who oppose both, like @CornelWest, are demonized." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.05.23 Twitchy: Tulsi Gabbard Has A New Name For The Associated Press, "Associated Propaganda." Bruce Thornton at Front Page, For ‘Wokism’ to Live, Free Speech Must Die. "And that means the First Amendment must die."

City Journal wants to Reframe the Gender Debate "Language matters—and on gender identity, the use of confected terms does rationality a disservice." Dave Strom want you to Google this: "can men menstruate?" and check out the approved answers. Mike LaChance at LI hears a Hospital Employee Leaks DEI Training Materials That Say Three Year-Olds Can be Transgender. The Free Bacon reports California Dems Could Remove Visitation Rights for 'Non-Affirming' Parents. "Bill would force custody judges to consider 'gender affirmation' as part of child's health, safety, and welfare." At NYPo, Z-cup breast teacher Kayla Lemieux given police escort for first day at new Toronto school. It's a scam, he knows it's a scam, we know it's a scam, the school knows it's a scam, but the rules say you have to play along. At TNP Pedos Celebrate How ‘Stupidly Easy’ Virtual Reality Makes Child Abuse. At Da Mail, Bill Gates bets on Bud Light's comeback as tech mogul buys 1.7MILLLION shares of disgraced brand's parent company after Dylan Mulvaney partnership tanked value. Well, he has money to drown. Capt. Ed comments "Yeah, that’ll work. Does anyone think for a moment that Bill Gates has keen insight into Bud Light or its customer base? If anything, Gates was the kind of consumer that Alissa Heinerscheid was pitching with the “you should be ashamed of yourself for enjoying our fratty humor” attitude and Dylan Mulvaney partnership."

Robby Soave at Reason notices, That School Is Still Treading on Jaiden Rodriguez's Free Speech Rights. "The district is still censoring the Gadsden flag patch as well as Second Amendment advocacy, according to FIRE." They will only let him wear it "if no one complains" so of course, some one will.  Capt. Ed, Did anyone expect the school or the district to learn the proper lesson from this episode? I predicted at the time that the retreat was out of embarrassment, not recognition, and that they would find ways to get around it eventually. At The Free Bacon, Portland Teachers Threaten School Shutdown if Their District Declines To Provide Subsidized Housing "Local union pursues left-wing priorities in collective bargaining showdown." I don't know how Portland schools are at this point, but if they're like Baltimore's, nobody would notice. From the College Fix, Wisc. universities keep DEI positions despite GOP gutting budget by $32 million. Of course. Dave Strom notices that Opposing segregation makes you a racist.

Mark Hemingway at Da Fed thinks Taylor Swift’s Popularity Is A Sign Of Societal Decline. My parents were pretty sure the Beatles and Elvis were too. They might have been right.

To that end, she has almost wholly pioneered a new genre of what an acquaintance of mine calls the “bellyaching about a boyfriend” song. It’s true that young men are frequently terrible to young women and there’s nothing inherently wrong with this being fodder for pop songs, but there are limits. There’s yet another song on her latest record bashing one of her famous exes, John Mayer, following up on her infamous breakup song “Dear John” in 2010. Look, everyone knows Mayer was a terrible womanizer — but this was known before he dated her — and that was 14 YEARS AGO. Whether he’s fully atoned or not, the guy has since gotten sober and moved to Montana or whatever. It’s, as the kids say, pretty cringe to still be exploiting these past relationships, which considering Swift’s had a charmed life since she was a teenager, seem like pretty hollow examples of genuine heartbreak.

 Clearly not a country music follower. They all whine about they're boyfriends and girlfriends.

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