Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Wednesday Wetness

A New York Times investigation into the country’s groundwater usage that says the U.S. is “squandering” its aquifers mischaracterizes the situation in Charles County, a local official said.

In the Times article, Jason Groth, the acting director of the county’s Department of Planning and Growth Management, is paraphrased as saying the county will “hit a point within a decade where it doesn’t have enough water.” But, Groth said in an interview with The Banner, the situation is much more nuanced.

If Charles County made no changes and did not add sources of water to its supply, then it would reach a point in the future when it is exceeding its permitted usage of water with the state, Groth said. But that is not the same as saying there would be no water left under the ground in Charles County or that wells would start to run dry, he said.
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