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Flotsam and Jetsam - Weiss Gets a Vote of No Confidence

 Margot Cleveland at Da Fed has not confidence in the Delaware prosecutor While Weiss Pinky Swears He’ll Indict Soon, Hunter Biden Claims Cushy Gun Deal Still Grants Immunity "While David Weiss promised to indict Hunter Biden, that he hasn’t already suggests Special Counsel Weiss will be just as soft as U.S. Attorney Weiss." Also, EXCLUSIVE: FOIA Turns Up Zilch On The ‘Full Authority’ Garland Claims He Gave Weiss Over Hunter Biden.  At Front Page Dan Greenfield explores Hunter Biden’s China-Ukraine Axis "Did the president’s son hope to make billions by bringing China into Ukraine?" Of course he did. Via the Wombats  In The Mailbox: 09.08.23, EBL Biden Crime Family: Keep your friends close, but your drug addicted criminal son closer and Scott Johnson at Power Line  Hunter Biden Testifies about the lap top.  From the Daily Fetched, James Comer says ‘We Have the Votes’ for Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden.

Ace, CNN: Biden's Approval Rating Hits Rock-Bottom, "Cry moar, CNN:" At Hat Hair, Capt. Ed catches Van Jones asking Who *really* wants to give Grandpa six more years? Across da pond Da Mail notices Every president has observed 9/11 at one of the terror targets or the White House. So why the hell will Biden insultingly be in Alaska... en route from Vietnam? No wonder, rages MAUREEN CALLAHAN, Americans don't think he gives a damn. Capt. Ed comments "This is a complete set of nitwits in the West Wing." Ace again, Treason: Biden White House Indicates It Will Hold Disaster Relief Aid for the US States of Florida and Hawaii Hostage Until Congress Authorizes More Billions for the Foreign Country of Ukraine, "This absolute traitorous scumbag." The Ukrainians pay (the Bidens), all Hawaii and Florida do is vote. Also from Ace, in red italic font, Biden Junta Considering Forcing Illegal Aliens to Remain in Texas, "Trump's policy: Remain in Mexico Biden's policy: Remain in Texas." I guess they don't expect to turn Texas blue this cycle. Paul Bedard at WaEx reports Fattened IRS not targeting high-income returns as Biden promised, surprise, surprise! Charles Rotter at WUWT delighted at how Manchin Unloads on Biden Admin for Restricting Alaskan Oil: Frankly Embarrassing’. Dan Turner at Wa Ex hopes Smoking gun documents can help rein in Biden’s climate lawlessness. EPA ignores courts, does what it wants to. Scott McKay at Am Spec thinks Replacing Offshore Oil With Offshore Wind Is Biden-Level Stupid. "Anybody who builds giant windmills in the Gulf of Mexico can quite foreseeably be made very sad when a big hurricane comes through."

From Breitbart  Bidenomics Is Creating a Debt-Inflation Spiral  and Van Hollen: People Think Biden’s Policies Hurt Economy Because They’re Dealing with ‘Lingering Impact’ of Inflation. At Da Caller, There’s A Huge Warning Sign That The Housing Market Could Be Headed For Trouble. Oh, it's already in trouble but it's likely to get worse before it improves. The Free Bacon reports Philly Bet Big on Biden’s Favorite Electric Bus Company. Now It Stands To Lose Millions. "Biden-backed Proterra canceled repair negotiations with city's transportation agency following bankruptcy." Let 100 Solnedras bloom.

Stacy McCain worries Is President Kamala Harris Inevitable? "Readers may laugh at the idea that such an obvious incompetent as Kamala Harris could ever become President of the United States, but is she more laughable than the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Don Surber say Kamala could win “the same way that the dumb, old, plagiarizing, crooked, perverted Biden won: fixing the election.”"

Via the Wombats  In The Mailbox: 09.08.23,  Victory Girls: Kristi Noem And Donald Trump Flirtation Highlights Silly Season. Never-Anybody-but-Trump sundance at CTH worries when South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Will Possibly Endorse President Donald Trump Today During Event in Rapid City  "I don’t have the direct and data-driven answers,… YET….. but I will tell you with certainty, my gut instinct is that moving Kristi Noem into a position where she would be considered a VP pick for Trump in 2024, looks like an insurance policy against Trump winning 2024." Ja'ron Smith at Newsweek Can the GOP Do Right by Black Voters This Election? Yes—Just Follow Trump's Lead. Mary Chastain at LI cites Bill Maher to MSNBC’s Ari Melber: ‘Try to Understand Why’ So Many Support Trump “Just crack a window a little bit, and you maybe understand why people would — you have to try to understand why half the country is looking to Donald Trump as some sort of savior.” Ashley McCully at PJM writes DeSantis Obliterates Claim He 'Allowed People to Hunt People' in Florida. Tom Jackson at Hat Hair VIP, DeSantis rebukes heckler; Politico lashes out, you can't  talk to our people like that! sundance is pleased by the news that After He Camped Out in Iowa with Emphasis, Vote Support for Ron DeSantis Collapses to 14%

From TNP, Court Rules AZ Used Illegal Signature-Verification in Elections. At ET, Kari Lake Has 'Utmost Confidence' in Victory After Court Finds Maricopa County Signature Verification Unlawful. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed a Court found Wisconsin’s Unauthorized Use Of Federal Voter Registration Form Violates State Law. Darrel Frost at PJM writes The Swamp Is Trying to Cancel Nearly 4.3 Million Votes, by impeaching Texas AG Ken Paxton. Via the Wombats  In The Mailbox: 09.08.23, The Federalist, Whistleblowers Admit They Reported Ken Paxton To The FBI Without A Shred Of Evidence.

Dershowitz to Newsmax: Trump Georgia Trial Should Be Moved. If Carolyn Mosby's trial can be moved out of Baltimore I don't see why not. Capt. Ed, "This motion has a decent shot at success. The removal statute exists to prevent states from conducting lawfare against federal officials past or present, and that is clearly at least part of Fani Willis’ intent. However, the alleged criminal acts have to have a connection to official duties of the office involved. Typically federal judges will use wide latitude on that requirement, but would that apply to an election?"  CNN, Judge rejects Mark Meadows’ bid to move Georgia election interference case to federal court. Capt. Ed reacts "I’m a little surprised. Meadows had the best argument for removal, as his actions alleged in the indictment involved tasks that were clearly part of his federal employment as Trump’s chief of staff. Jeffrey Clarke also seemed well positioned for a removal claim. If Meadows’ application failed on the basis of the order highlighted by Blake, though, Trump’s clearly won’t succeed, at least not with this district court judge. We’ll see what happens on appeal, which is certain to follow." Althouse, "The special grand jury in Fulton County investigating the 2020 presidential election in Georgia recommended charges against Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and former GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler..." ""... according to the special counsel grand jury report released Friday," CNN reports." At Twitchy, Jonathan Turley shreds GA grand jury report for having 'focus and restraint of a drive by shooting. Via the Wombats  In The Mailbox: 09.08.23, The Federalist, Fulton County Prosecutor’s Law Firm Sends ‘Uninvited And Improper’ Mailer To Republican He Helped Indict. Mike Gonzalez at WaEx is Connecting the dots between Fani Willis and unrepentant communists. Daughter of a Black Panther and friend of Angela Davis. From Breitbart a Fulton County Update: Judge ‘Skeptical’ of October Trial Date, Fani Willis Accuses Jim Jordan of Obstructing Prosecution. The Dersh opines Donald Trump Is Being Denied His Constitutional Right to Due Process, and that is exactly the point.

PJMs Lincoln Brown wonders Will Colorado Force Trump Off the Ballot? The sooner it gets to the Supreme Court the better. Deroy Murdock at Am Spec sees Dem Ploys to Deny, Overturn GOP Presidential Wins Revealed in New Trump Ad. "Democrats deny elections — it’s a First Amendment right." But you can't put it on YouTube. 

News from Lara Logan@laralogan, "For months we’ve been working on a series of stories about January 6th. I did not expect to meet so many extraordinary people in ordinary places who traveled all the way to Washington DC on January 6th, some of whom had never seen the capitol in their lives. You probably don’t know their names or their faces and that’s by design. I learned so many things I did not expect and I was reminded why I still fight to go beyond the headlines and false narratives and find the truth that lies in the rest of the story...the parts you weren’t told." Newt Gingrich at Am Spec worries about American Despotism "We are faced with a totalitarian cancer that will have to be confronted and defeated at every level." At WaEx, FBI head Christopher Wray pushes for renewal of 'absolutely vital' spying power, section 702. Just say no! Nathan Harden at Am Great tells of Merrick Garland and the Love Warriors, "Surprise: An Update to the 2021 Loudon School Board Saga Reveals an Atty. Gen. Double Standard."  "Garland was quick to launch a national effort to investigate (largely conservative) parents attending school board meetings and protesting the decisions of (largely progressive) school board officials. Meanwhile, federal law enforcement officials launched no similar response when the (largely conservative) parents themselves were threatened by supporters and staff of the (largely progressive) school board officials." TAG, Oklahoma Sheriff Opens an Investigation Into ATF SWAT Raid on FFL’s Home

From Zero Hedge, Biden Biography Bombshell: Hillary Violated Logan Act, Drew Rebuke From Ex-Crony. Well, the Logan act is never used, probably because it's a violation of the 1st Amendment anyway. 

From NRO, Biden Administration Likely Violated First Amendment with Social-Media Censorship, Appeals Court Rules. Pixy Misa at Ace's, "After a district court handed down an injunction in a First Amendment case basically forbidding the federal government from talking to social networks at all the government appealed to the Fifth Circuit. The Fifth Circuit just handed down a ruling narrowing the injunction to only forbid many parts of the government - particularly the White House and the FBI - from communicating with social networks in any way that implied or could be reasonably inferred to coerce infringement of protected speech. (Washington Post / MSN) The government is now appealing to the Supreme Court, saying that it can't function if constitutionally-protected rights are allowed to be protected by the Constitution." Stephen Kruiser at PJM, Team Biden Doubles Down on Its Soviet Censorship Freak Flag. Ace, Of. Course.: The BBC's "Disinformation" Reporter, Whose Rulings on What Is and Is Not a Lie Will Cause Social Media Comapnies to Censor and Suppress Speech, Lied on Her Professional Resume. "I mean -- look, all of these people were unemployed obsessives wasting their lives 24/7 on Twitter until three years ago. At that point, these unqualified nobodies began putting "Disinformation Expert" in their twitter bios and started getting hired by leftwing censorship groups for big salaries."

Culture war stuff below the fold, because it's getting late:

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X The elites lost their mojo by becoming absurd. It happened on the road between cultural appropriation and transgender bathrooms.
Althouse: "There was definitely a thumb on the scale to get boys. We were just a little more forgiving and lenient when they were boys than when they were girls. You’d be like, 'I’m kind of on the fence about this one, but — we need boys.'"
Caldara: Lessons learned from school's Gadsden flag debacle - Complete Colorado - Page Two
Althouse: I'm reading "D.E.I. Statements Stir Debate on College Campuses/Yoel Inbar, a psychology professor, thought he might be teaching at U.C.L.A., but his reservations about diversity statements got him in trouble"...
How college diversity statements got started as a way to weed out white and Asian job applicants – HotAir

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