Friday, September 8, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - While Hunter Continues to Slide, J6 People get Longer Sentences than Murderers

The great Victor Davis Hanson at Town Hall, wants to know What Game Is Hunter Biden Playing? "Is it now, "Keep Hunter close and self-important -- or else"?" At RCP Hunter Biden Attorney: Justice Department "Cowering" To Political Pressure, "Improper Political Interference" after years of benefiting from improper political interference. Jonathan Turley asks Will Biden Go Full Bruen? A Hunter Biden Indictment Could Bring a Surprising Challenge, challenging the law that forbids drug users from owning guns? Capt. Ed comments "This was the hypocritical move the Bidens had hoped to avoid with the diversion agreement. There is a colorable argument here too, but if it works, it would undermine much of what Joe Biden wants to do to advance his gun-control agenda. It will be especially embarrassing to have his son clinging for dear life to the Bruen decision that Biden uses to claim that the Supreme Court has turned “extreme.” It will be pass-the-popcorn time for the rest of us." At Town Hall Guy Benson issues a Warning: Beware the Special Counsel's New Indictment Plans for Hunter Biden. I fully expect it will be as generous to Hunter as they think they can get away with. At WaEx, Hunter Biden's lawyers pressed for leaked emails about failed plea deal by House GOP. "The chairmen, Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH), James Comer (R-KY), and Jason Smith (R-MO), reasoned in a letter to the attorneys obtained by the Washington Examiner that because the communications were disclosed to the New York Times and Politico and subsequently "widely publicized," the attorneys had no justification for withholding them." Tristan Justice at Da Fed reports Oversight Committee Demands Unredacted File On Bidens’ ‘Foreign Business Dealings’ From NARA. It will be a cold day in hell... Ace points out Whistleblowers in the Banking Industry Warned the Federal Government About the Bidens Hoovering Up Suspicious Truckloads of Foreign Money in 2015. "Of course, this was all covered up." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.07.23, Animal Magnetism has Animal’s Daily Impeachment News "It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . and at First Street Journal, Democrats Now Want Ground Rules On Presidential Impeachment "And there it is: Democrats want to exclude the crimes by Biden before he was President. Nope. That’s not going to fly."

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.07.23, The Federalist notes  Biden Cancels ‘All Remaining’ Leases Congress Issued In Arctic Refuge, Further Gutting American Energy  and Legal Insurrection, Biden Faces Backlash After Ending Oil and Gas Leases in Alaska.  From Da Caller, Biden Admin Poised To Invalidate Drilling Rights Sold By Trump. Sundance at CTH notes Biden Cancels Previously Issued ANWR Oil and Gas Leases in Alaska. Have you seen gas prices lately?  Not really Biden, but I find this related and amusing, from Da Caller, ‘No, Thank You’: Red State Regulators Reject Green Pipeline Opposed By Many Rural Landowners. A CO2 pipeline for carbon capture. Steve Moore at Am Great says Biden’s Killing the American Dream of Homeownership. "Biden makes home ownership harder, yet brags about 'Bidenomics.'" I&I claims The Nation’s Fiscal Crisis Just Got Real. "Over the weekend, the Washington Post let it slip that all is not well in Bidenomicsville. The deficit, it reports, could end up hitting $2 trillion when the current fiscal year ends in three weeks, which it describes as an “unexpected deficit surge.” In other words, the deficit will nearly double this year, calling the lie on one of President Joe Biden’s favorite boasts about how he cut the deficit more than any president in history."

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.07.23, EBL says No One Puts Baby Biden In A Corner! Nick Arama at Red State wants you to WATCH WH Struggles to Explain Biden Inventing Imaginary Daughter in Bill Richardson Condolence Statement, does he 'remember' sniffing her hair?

Matt Margolis at PJM, Joe Biden Is Really Screwed Now 

According to a new poll from CNN and SSRS Research, he really can’t. According to the poll, not only would Trump beat Biden 47-46, but all Republicans but one candidate (Vivek Ramaswamy) beat Biden or tie him. DeSantis ties Biden at 47% each. Pence bests Biden by two points, 46-44%, as does Tim Scott. Heck, even Chris Christie beats Biden 44 to 42%.

But the real surprise in the poll is that Nikki Haley beats Biden by a larger margin than any other candidate, besting him 49% to 43%. A poll like this may not help her win the GOP nomination, but it certainly helps her audition as a potential running mate for Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis.

Try to avoid premature evaluation... MSNBC worries about its readers,  How not to have a psychic meltdown when you see new Trump-Biden poll numbers "As infuriating as it is to admit the electorate may choose another Trump term, the only answer may be to hold on to that truth." Breitbart reads the NYT: Joe Biden’s Black, Hispanic Polling Numbers Worst Since Walter Mondale in 1984. Ruy Teixeira, It’s Official! The Democrats Have a Nonwhite Voter Problem "The data can no longer be denied." Capt. Ed comments "Perhaps the confusion of Democrats comes from their obsession with ethnic determinism and identity politics. Democrats aren’t losing “non-white voters” so much as losing working- and middle-class voters. The non-white voters in polls probably are overrepresented in those economic strata, which is why they show up as they do in polls. We can see that it some of the other data to, which Teixeira notes but doesn’t necessarily analyze thoroughly. These voters are overwhelmingly opposed to Dem agendas on the economy and on cultural issues like transgenderism. The real disconnect here is a category error by focusing on race rather than cultural identity." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.07.23, Don Surber discusses  Getting Black People Not To Vote For Biden.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.07.23, American Thinker Trump’s Movement Transcends Politics.  PJM's Stephen Kruiser sees a Laser-Focused Trump FINALLY Ready to Debate...Meghan Markle. From Mediaite,  Ann Coulter Slaps Back at ‘Gigantic Pussy’ Trump: ‘Begged Me to Come to Bedminster This Week.’ Capt. Ed, "This is the weirdest feud in the conservo-populist movement, bar none."Sundance is satisfied that President Trump Takes Commanding 50 Point Primary Lead at 62% – Gains Largest Polling Lead Against Biden 42/37. Trump supporter Ric Grenell Calls Ron DeSantis 'Homophobic,' But Then Megyn Kelly Asks for Receipts, from Paula Bolyard at PJM. At Da Wire, Pence: GOP Must Choose Between Conservatism And Populism. Well, they're not choosing you. From the Messenger, Chris Christie Warns Against ‘Fool’s Errand’ No Labels Third Party Run: ‘They Don’t Know Who They’re Going to Hurt’

Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed reports a Court rules  Arizona’s Sloppy Ballot Signature Verification Guidance ‘Contradicts The Plain Language’ Of State Law. There was a lot that going on in the 2020 election. But no one is ever punished. At The College Fix Maggie Kelly says College towns are transforming red states, ‘decimating the GOP’. Capt. Ed comments "It’s worth watching, but there are limits to this as well. The Democrats’ abandonment of working- and middle-class values are eroding its base at the same time, as a direct result of Academia’s control of their party agenda."

Breitbart reports Group Files 14th Amendment Lawsuit to Keep Donald Trump off Colorado Ballot, no surprise, it's headed to the Supremes. Hat Hair's KT reports that, shockingly, Raffensperger says No, Trump should not be kept off the Georgia ballot. At PM, Trump notifies Georgia court he 'may seek removal of prosecution to federal court' "If the move is granted, Trump may be able to invoke immunity protections for federal officials." Not a shock. TNP claims Jack Smith, Letitia James Want Trump to Stop Defending Himself. Well, it would make their job easier. 

Sundance reports Former White House Advisor Peter Navarro Convicted for Contempt of Congress for Failing to Appear Before J6 Committee. Well you should hold Congress in contempt, generally. A DC jury, of course. All they needed to hear was Trump.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.07.23, Mary Chastain at LI sees  DOJ Crushes J6 Defendants, Excuses BLM Rioters Since ‘a Riot is the Language of the Unheard’,"The BLM rioters are super duper special like COVID. Gotta treat them different than anyone else!" PJM's Rick Moran wonders (rhetorically) Why Are the Proud Boys Getting Longer Sentences Than Murderers?  Ace, DOJ Sentencing Memo on BLM Murderer: This Man Who Burned Down a Pawn Shop and Killed a Father-of-Five Trapped Inside Was Just Trying to Emulate Martin Luther King, Jr.  "Incredible. Incredible. Here's the DOJ's sentencing memo on this arsonist and killer -- pleading for leniency, because he was merely "caught up" in the spirit of rioting. The DOJ actually calls riots "the voice of the unheard"!!!"

Am Thinks JB Shurk, sees the Ruling Regime Locks Up George Washington. "A Missouri man walked into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, dressed as George Washington. He caused no damage, engaged in no violence, and was even recorded peacefully speaking with police before leaving. For daring to dress as America's pre-eminent Founding Father and symbolically rebuking our corrupt ruling class, Isaac Yoder was surveilled for seven months, eventually arrested, fined, and sentenced to a year in prison. Welcome to the Imprisoned States of America, where patriotic love of country is condemned and political persecution flourishes." At PM, DOJ seeks 120-day prison term for J6 journalist who never entered Capitol, spoke out about 'stolen election' on air. "The DOJ claimed that Shroyer "helped create January 6," in that he "stoked the flames of a potential disruption of the certification vote by streaming disinformation about alleged voter fraud and a stolen election to thousands, perhaps millions, of viewers of his program on InfoWars."" Mary Chastain at LI, Arkansas Man Arrested on Charges Stemming from January 6. "Leftist rioters have done way worse than Nathan Earl Hughes. The double standard exists."

Sundance reports Accuser Admits He and Seven Bush Allied Cohorts Secretly Went to FBI to Report Ken Paxton Without Any Evidence of Wrongdoing "The third day of the Senate impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton continues today, with the group of deputy attorneys in his office (the Bush Clan) admitting they went running to the FBI for investigative support against Paxton, despite having no evidence of wrongdoing. WATCH:" And I'm sure the FBI was happy to go along.

Larry Sand at CJ, Bad Trans-Actions, "The destructive transgender fad shows no sign of abating in California, but as school resumes, resistance is mounting." At Da Caller, ‘We’ve Got To Run’: Liberal Hosts Lose It, Hang Up On Journalist During Heated Discussion On Trans Procedures For Kids. Atop Da Summit, Rand Paul: ‘Gender Affirming Surgery’ “Is A Mutilation”  “Universally around the world we were opposed to this… and now we have the opposite. VodkaPundit at PJM wants you to Meet the Avowed Marxist Who Decides What Books Go in Your School Library

At Da Wire, ‘Abysmal’: Harvard Places Dead Last In Annual College Free Speech Rankings. Chris Queen at PJM thinks he sees The Real Problem With DEI and How to Fix It. From the James Martin Center, A “Canceled” Student Strikes Back. "Morgan Bettinger’s lawsuit against the University of Virginia deserves close attention."

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