Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Chinese Money Sent to Joe's House, Trump Banned in NYC

Fox reports Hunter Biden received $250K wires originating in Beijing with beneficiary address listed as Joe Biden's home. "Money came from Hunter's China-backed business partners." At Breitbart, Oversight Committee: BHR Partners’ Bank Wires List Joe Biden’s Delaware Home as Beneficiary Address. Ben Whedon at JTN, Biden said family didn't get money from China, but Hunter got payments sent to his door. Hunter was probably off on a crack bender and it was the best address the Chinese could find. Harold Hutchinson at Da Caller cites Comer, ‘There Certainly Has Been A Cover-Up’: Rep. James Comer Previews First Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing. At NewsMax, Mike Clancy thinks there's Overwhelming Evidence for Biden Impeachment Inquiry. Paul Gottfried at Am Great thinks Trump Saddled With Rap That More Accurately Fits A Corrupt Biden, "Biden also viewed as 'nice family man' who 'cares' about his troubled son."

From Ace, A Fourth IRS Whistleblower Confirms That David Weiss Slow-Rolled the Hunter Biden Prosecutions "Specifically, he confirms that when David Weiss asked -- asked, not instructed, as he was not a Special Counsel and could only beg for cooperation -- prosecutors in DC and California to prosecute Hunter for the tax evasion he committed in those jurisdictions, they refused, and David Weiss allowed the statute of limitations to run." Fox documents Newsom's longtime ties to Hunter Biden emerge after he justifies his business deals: 'Here's my direct email', "Fox News Digital reviewed dozens of emails between Hunter Biden and Gavin Newsom, his associates." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, Hunter files lawsuit against Giuliani for "hacking" laptop data. Ace, Hunter Biden Sues Rudy Giuliani For "Hacking" the Computer That Hunter Biden Continues Claiming Does Not Belong to Him. "He's suing on behalf of the unnamed third party the computer really belongs to?" At ET, Special Counsel Investigating Hunter Biden to Appear Before Congressional Committee: Rep. Jordan sometime in October. That should be amusing. Not illuminating but amusing. 

Nick Arama at Red State reports We Finally Get Details About the Biden Classified Doc Investigation, but Media Spin Is Already Underway. "Sources who were present for some of the interviews, including witnesses, told ABC News that authorities had apparently uncovered instances of carelessness from Biden's vice presidency, but that -- based on what was said in the interviews -- it seemed to them that the improper removal of classified documents from Biden's office when he left the White House in 2017 was more likely a mistake than a criminal act." At Althouse, "The federal investigation into President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents prior to becoming president has grown into a sprawling examination..."

Hat Hair's Beege Welborn is amused when AXIOS blows lid off WH "Operation: FFS At Least Keep the Geezer Upright" UPDATE: OMG UAW visit where he nearly stumbles down steps of AF1.Ace, Axios: White House Futiley Pursuing a Strategy of Just Not Letting Biden Trip and Fall Down. "Ah, the "mainstream" media, reporting things everyone already knows, two and a half years late. When are you going to break the big story about the Basement Strategy of 2020, Axios? 2044?"  Althouse is sympathetic, "President Biden and his campaign are working on a critical project for his re-election bid: Make sure he doesn't trip." "Axios reports. I think this is fine. Physical therapists are fantastic, in my view. You really can learn to protect yourself from falling, and they have the training to show you how. I would not look at this program with puzzlement or mockery, as Axios seems to want us to do." It would be better if a President didn't have to, but any time Joe is not doing presidential things, the better. At Da Mail, Biden gives up after botching Pacific Islands acronym and says it 'doesn't matter what we call it' - and bizarrely says he and the Cook Islands leader are both from Baltimore. Virginia Kruta at Da Wire finds an MSNBC Guest who Says Biden’s Age Is A Benefit. Seriously.

At Town Hall, Jeff Crouere says the Latest Poll Is the Last Straw for Bumbling Biden. Never-Anybody-but-Trump Sundance at CTH crows President Trump Widens Lead Over Joe Biden – GOP Field Not Even Close. Ed Kilgore at the Intelligencer, The Issue That’s a Bigger Problem for Biden Than His Age, it's the economy, stupid. At ET, Two-Thirds of Workers Say Inflation Is Outpacing Wage Gains. Breitbart hears Carville Warn Biden Is Losing to Trump: ‘Somebody Better Wake the F-ck Up.’  At WaEx, Hillary Clinton warned Biden not to ignore threats from third party. Hat Hair's KT wonders Would RFK, Jr. pull the trigger and run as a third party candidate? Either RFK Jr. or Cornell could draw enough Democrat votes to sink him. He better indict them soon. At Da Caller, ‘He’d Get My Vote Before Biden’: Joe Rogan Says He Could Back Trump In 2024.

WaEx announces Joe Biden's dog Commander bites another Secret Service agent, number 11. Althouse notes "Commander Biden bites another Secret Service agent, the 11th known incident.", It's a dog story, at CNN. . .That headline seemed funny for a half second, what with "Commander Biden." Joe Biden is the Commander in Chief, and who gives dogs the human family's last name?" Our vet, for one. It's just negligent dog ownership.

At Base Politics, White House Press Secretary caught in HUGE lie about ‘Bidenomics’ “This President has been so zeroed in, so laser-focused, on lowering costs for Americans — and we’ve done that!” Matt Margolis at PJM thinks Biden Never Would Have Joined the UAW Picket Line If Not for Trump. Probably true. Still no time for East Palestine, though. Breitbart notes Joe Biden Fails to Mention His China-Friendly Electric Vehicle Mandates in Visit with Striking Auto Workers. Althouse, "Mr. Biden and Democrats in Congress last year authorized hundreds of billions of dollars in federal incentives for manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, electric cars and semiconductors...." ""As a result, many companies, including First Solar, have announced the construction of dozens of factories, in total, around the country. But nobody is entirely sure whether these investments will be durable, especially in businesses, like battery or solar panel manufacturing, where China’s domination is deep and strong. . . . Meanwhile, "Ford Halts Work on E.V. Battery Plant in Michigan/The company cited concerns about operating the factory competitively. It’s not clear if the pause is linked to its dispute with the United Auto Workers" (NYT)." Steve Moore at Hat Hair warns Hey, Republicans: Don't Forget About Growth and Prosperity.

John Sexton at Hat Hair reports Judge rules Trump committed fraud by inflating his net worth. TNP, Far Left Democrat Judge Says Businessman Trump Overvalued His Empire. At NYPo, Judge revokes Trump’s NY business licenses, finds he committed fraud by inflating wealth. Sundance at CTH, New York Judge Rules Without Trial, Jury or Verdict, That President Trump Must Dissolve All Business Interests in State. News Week, Trump Fumes at 'Un-American' Court Ruling That Finds He Committed Fraud. At Althouse, "A lawyer for Mr. Trump, Christopher M. Kise, indicated that he would likely appeal the decision, which he called 'outrageous' and 'completely disconnected from the facts and governing law.'"  'The decision seeks to nationalize one of the most successful corporate empires in the United States and seize control of private property,' Mr. Kise said." If I were Trump I would shut down every business in NY state, and fire all the employees, and blame the court. It's not like he'll get NY's electoral votes. 

Sundance at CTH thinks President Trump Attorneys Present Beautiful Rebuttal Motion to Jack Smith Gag Order Request. At HE, Kash Patel says The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago makes Watergate look like the teacup ride at Disney World. Hat Hair's KT reports Fulton County judge rules Trump trial juror names in Georgia will be kept private

In the continuing adventure of "Gold Bar" Bob Menendez, it took a couple days but Capt. Ed sees an Avalanche: Booker demands Menendez resignation and Politico begs the question: Are Senate Dems blowing it on Menendez? NYPo, Pelosi and NJ Sen. Cory Booker lead calls for Menendez resignation. Ace, Democrat Senator and Graft-Farmer Bob Menendez: The Bricks of Gold Found Hidden In My House Aren't Bribes. I Just Keep Stacks of Cash In Envelopes Hidden Because of My Painful Memories of Cuba, Where I Never Lived. "I'll say one thing for his story: It is more plausible than Joe and Hunter Biden's claim that dishonorably-discharged coke addict and infamous crackhead Hunter was paid over $1 million per year by Burisma for his acumen in corporate governance." Tom Knighton at Tilting at Windmills has a Question for Sen. Bob Menendez about that cash... "If that history of oppression was so severe and traumatizing for the New Jersey Democrat, then why has it not shown up in his political positions?"

Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN, FBI refuses to release documents in probe into possible nationwide voter registration fraud. "Bureau responds to Just the News FOIA request by suggesting the investigation is still ongoing." Or they're just burying it so Democrats can do it again in 2024. 

PJM's VodkaPundit thinks it's UNCANNY! FBI Predicted Those Jan 6 Riots They Instigated. Althouse cites notorious liar, "The TV in the Oval dining room is blaring, and the president is yelling... I hear him say 'hang' repeatedly. Hang? What's that about?" "Writes Cassidy Hutchinson, in her new book, quoted in "Cassidy Hutchinson says Trump said 'hang' as he watched rioters chant 'hang Mike Pence' on Jan. 6/He watched the Jan. 6 Capitol attack unfold on a TV in the Oval, she said" (ABC News)."

At Twitchy, Elon Musk posts video that will make Branch COVIDIANS VERY unhappy

From Mike LaChance at LI, Nearly Half of Democrats Believe Free Speech Should Be Legal ‘Only Under Certain Circumstances’, “A bare majority of Democrats (53%) say speech should be legal under any circumstances, while 47% say it should be legal ‘only under certain circumstances.’” Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair reports UK police now looking into Russell Brand "I can’t shake a nagging sense of suspicion about the timing of all of this. The allegations all date back to Brand’s days on “the A list” when his star was rising. Since then, he may not have fallen all the way to Kathy Griffin’s “D list,” but he’s arguably on the B or C level at this point, though he was still doing standup tours. If he hadn’t started using his platform to attack not only mainstream Hollywood but the central government(s) and narratives about COVID, elections, and everything else, would the media have bothered digging into this and coming after him? The timing just seems a bit too convenient." Thou shalt not break with the narrative.

PM observes Gavin Newsom to force female students to use bathrooms alongside males "Newsom said California is "proud" to have among the "most robust" LGBTQ+ rights laws in the nation." Californication! At the Stream, Mark Judge (remember him?) remembers reading about The Night in 1958 That Launched the Culture War ‘We’ll Get You Through Your Children!’ 
That was the threat shouted by the poet Allen Ginsberg on a fateful night in 1958. Ginsberg was yelling at Norman Podhoretz, a conservative writer. The confrontation between Ginsberg and Podhoretz is described in Podhoretz’s 2001 book Ex-Friends: Falling Out With Allen Ginsberg, Lionel and Diana Trilling, Lillian Hellman, Hannah Arendt, and Norman Mailer.

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