Friday, September 29, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - The Impeachment Inquiry Begins

A really big day shew today. From Fox, First Biden impeachment inquiry sees sparks fly between GOP, Dems "House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer held the hearing Thursday, Sep. 28 to weigh evidence for impeaching President Joe Biden." Basic news was that Jonathan Turley said articles of impeachment are not warranted but the impeachment inquiry certainly was, and a forensic accountant testified that the Biden web of shell companies looked like a mob money launder operation.  NRO reports the Scale of Alleged Biden Foreign Influence Peddling Unprecedented in History of D.C. Corruption, Impeachment Witness Testifies   At Da Caller, ‘Listen!’: All Hell Breaks Loose As Dem Motions To Bring Rudy Giuliani Into Impeachment HearingsHouse Investigators Release Trove Of Documents Supporting IRS Whistleblower Testimony and White House Hand-Waves Away Revelation That Chinese Money Was Sent To Biden’s Address. Nick Arama at Red State sees Byron Donalds Go to Town on Dems' 'No Evidence' Line With Receipts During Impeachment Inquiry. Twitchy thinks the Look on Jonathan Turley's face as AOC tries a 'gotcha' during Biden impeachment inquiry is PERFECT -watch. Da Wire has 7 Big Takeaways from Day 1 of Formal Biden Impeachment Inquiry. At PJM Vicky Taft thinks So This Is How the 'Impeach Joe Biden' Inquiry Is Going for the DemocratsBenny Johnson@bennyjohnson, Nancy Pelosi on Impeachment of Joe Biden: “If you have a difference of opinion, you just can’t be impeaching … This is a fake distraction” Nancy Pelosi must’ve been too tipsy to remember she tried to impeach Trump TWICE…" Not even a real distraction? Jordan Boyd at Da Fed notes Trump Impeachment Cheerleaders In Media Do Biden’s Bidding With Blackout On Republicans’ Impeachment Inquiry

 NYPo reports Hunter Biden whines his money is ‘all gone,’ seeks dad’s help in newly revealed texts: ‘Can’t pay alimony’. NewsMax hears Hunter Bemoan Money 'All Gone' in Released Texts. Capt. Ed comments "Long time snorting, or at least one supposes. This relates to allegations of obstruction by IRS whistleblowers, who wanted to interrogate James over the implications of the money flow these and other texts insinuated, but were prevented from doing so by the DoJ." From Ace, Biden's Bagman Brother James Biden Tells FBI That He Was Trying to Get the US Government to Allow the Chinese Company CEFC Gobble Up American Energy Companies... Even Though He Knew the Company was Controlled by Chinese President Xi. Twitchy calls it Treason?! Biden BOMBSHELL thread details energy deal between Biden family and Chinese co. connected to Xi. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.27.23 (Evening Edition), at Da Fed, Evita Duffy-Alfonso reports Explosive Documents Show DOJ Official Prohibited Agents From Mentioning Joe Biden In Warrant and Dave Harsanyi snickers ‘No Evidence’ Of Joe Biden Being Involved In The Family Business Keeps Piling Up. VodkaPundit at PJM staggers under the revelation that the Biden Crime Family 'Earned' $24 MILLION From China, Russia, Ukraine, Others. Ace, Foreign Governments and Gangsters Sent At Least $15 Million to the Biden Family, and the DOJ Obstructed Efforts to Investigate This: Impeachment Chairmen, "Foreign governments weren't just sending millions to the Biden Crime Family to (checks notes) "chat about the weather." ABC whines Comer says he will issue subpoenas 'today' for Hunter Biden, James Biden bank records. NewsMax, WH Calls Biden Payment Revelations 'Conspiracy' Theory. Guy Benson at Town Hall, asks Amid Damning Wire Transfer Revelations, Let's Review What the Bidens Said About Chinese Money

At Am Think, Jim. Swofford thinks Face it -- Hunter Biden is already pardoned, and we're just waiting for the big reveal. At PJM Matt Margolis predicts  Joe Biden Is About to Be Let Off the Hook for Mishandling Classified Docs. Too easy, Matt. At Am Think, Stick a Fork in Biden – He’s Done! From Am Spec, Biden’s Margin of Error Is Gone. Breitbart hears  Actor Dax Shepard Says It's 'Insane' That Joe Biden Is the Country's 'Best Option': It's So Embarrassing'. He isn't.  Front Page thinks Newsom is Measuring the Drapes. At HE, AUSTIN PETERSEN thinks the 'Forever war' in Ukraine could cost Joe Biden the White House in 2024. Hollywood in Toto wonders Will 'Saturday Night Live' (Finally) Roast President Biden?

At Da Caller, ‘A Hit Job On Michigan And On Detroit’: Trump Calls Biden EV Push A ‘Government Assassination’ Of Auto Jobs. mrc-TV hears Buttigieg Say the Quiet Part Out Loud to EV Skeptics: 'It is Coming No Matter What'.  At Hat Hair, Electric bus company that made POTATUS "look good" goes...well...BUSt . Insty,  THEY NEVER GIVE UP: FCC Chair Confirms Plan to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules Eviscerated Under Trump. At Am Spec, Bidenomics’ Not-So-Invisible Hand of Government Destroys the Economy. At PJM  Kevin Downey notes a 95-Year-Old War Vet Gets the Boot to Make Room for Illegal Immigrants

The reviews keep coming in for the second Republican primary debate (Da Lid). Hat Hair's KT has Some hot takes from the RNC debate. Ace thinks Fox News Again Rigs A GOP Debate, Asking Questions That Leftwing Voters (and Fox "Journalists") Care About But Which Actual Republicans Do Not, "And of course embarrassing GOP candidates with George-Stephanopolous-style "Governor Romeny, would you outlaw birth control pills?" type questions." Sundance at CTH,  The Second ‘First Loser’ Debate Was an Embarrassment to the Legacy of Ronald Reagan, but Modern Republicans Just Don’t Care… Capt. Ed says The biggest loser of last night's debate was ... "Fox Business Channel, with the RNC that arranged it a close runner-up." Town Hall's Matt Vespa thinks The Second GOP Debate Was a Mess...and It Exposed a Glaring Issue Within the Republican Party  "we have no depth on the presidential stage." Da Caller sees Cut Mics, Expensive Curtains, ‘Offensively Stupid’ Questions — GOP Debate Falls Flat. Breitbart called it ‘Unwatchable’: Viewers Blast RNC, Fox for Including Univision in Debate. Also at Breitbart, "Burgum: Wow, that stunk", Doug Burgum Rips Fox/Univision Debate: The American People Lost Tonight. At PJM Paula Bolyard  asks Whose Side Is Fox on Anyway?, Stephen Kruiser claims After 2 GOP Debates, Trump's Sabotage Is Almost Complete and Matt Margolis wonders  Is This The Worst Fact Check From the GOP Debate?From Da Caller, Biden Team Live-Tweets GOP Debate Even As Corporate Media Says He’s Not Paying Attention To It. Althouse notices "And when you have the President of United States sleeping with a member of the teachers union, there is no chance that you could take the stranglehold away from the teachers union every day. " "Said Chris Christie, in last night's GOP debate. Later, from Mike Pence: "I’ve been sleeping with a teacher for 38 years.""

At WaT, Joe Curl goes out on a limb and predicts the  2024 presidential race: Newsom vs. Youngkin. Amber Athey at Da Spec likes The Youngkin blueprint "Can Virginia be a model for Republicans nationwide?" Probably not, but it doesn't hurt. TNP sees Trump’s Hispanic Support Soars. Althouse is amused by "I am Batman." "A new ad for Trump... featuring many celebrities who are made, against their will, to look like they love Trump." Guy Benson, cited at Hat Hair, DeSantis to Trump: Stop hiding behind your keyboard and being MIA. Lincoln Brown at PJM notes Steve Schmidt Finds a New 'Nazi Dog Whistle' for Trump

From Am Spec Emmett Tyrell thinks Bob Kennedy Needs Help "What will happen if another crazed assailant with a gun is successful?" At the Right Scoop wants you to WATCH Fetterman say China shouldn’t own our farm land…… because pandas???

In the Saga of Gold Bar Bob, Chris Bedford at Da Fed says Democrats Ignored Bob Menendez’s Corruption Until He Was No Longer Useful. Da Caller reports Menendez Blocked Stricter Foreign Influence Law Years Before Being Indicted On Bribery Charges. Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw, tells about That time Menendez blocked stronger foreign influence peddling rules. And he still got caught. 

Town Hall's 'Becca Downs is curious  about What's Going on in Arizona? Here's Why 4th in Line Had to Step in As 'Acting Governor'. Capt. Ed calls it Today's deep mystery: Why was Arizona's treasurer suddenly Governor For A Day?

From TNP, Far Left Judge Claims Mar-a-Lago Worth $18 Million, Despite Nearby Patch of Trees Selling for $150M. At Da Messenger, even Never-Trumper Andy McCarthy wonders Did a Judge Go Too Far in New York’s Civil Case Against Trump? Capt. Ed, no Trump fan himself, comments  "McCarthy points out that Trump and his team spun the Mar-a-Lago assessment ruling too, failing to note that the use restrictions make it far less valuable than other nearby properties. However, $18 million seems still far too low a valuation, and raises the question as to whether Letitia James and Judge Engoron himself aren’t indulging in the same kind of fraud of which they accuse Trump." Jordan Boyd at Da Fed says N.Y. Judge Cherry-Picks Lowball Mar-a-Lago Appraisal To Find Trump Guilty Of Inflating Property Values. Matt Palumbo at Bongino details Here's Just How Absurd Valuing Mar-a-Lago at $18 Million Is.

NYPo reports Judge Tanya Chutkan will not recuse herself in federal Jan. 6 case against Trump. Sundance is pissed that  Activist DC District Judge Tanya Chutkan Refuses to Step Down from Trump Case in Washington DC. Atop Da Hill, Trump won’t try to move Georgia charges to federal court “This decision is based on his well-founded confidence that this Honorable Court intends to fully completely protect his constitutional right to a fair trial and guarantee him due process of law throughout the prosecution of his case in the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia.”

An irate Ace, Madison Cornbread (Government Name: Cassidy Hutchinson) Denies She Dated Matt Gaetz; But Daily Caller Reveals an Intimate Pic That Suggests Otherwise. "Do you like that headline? It's what I call "search-optimized." Those of you who are hoping to see Madison Corbread's cornfed snizz are going to be disappointed." At TNP, Witness Ridicules Cassidy Hutchinson Book Claims – ‘I’m Not a Mormon’.

From HE, Info Wars journalist Owen Shroyer will report to federal prison by October 24 "Shroyer reported that the government sentencing memo was in fact 90 percent comprised of quotes not having to do with January 6 but rather statements he had made on his talk show and Info Wars." at Da Fed John Davidson thinks Democrats Have Become The Party Of Authoritarianism. They Only Understand Power  and Tristan Justice finds a J6 Prosecutor Charged In Road Rage Stabbing Incident. Will he get more time than Shroyer? 

The divine Ms. Devine from NYPo notes Pro-Joe Biden bias is algorithm-deep: Google’s search-&-destroy agenda. From PM, Elon Musk fires X ‘election integrity’ team for undermining election integrity ""Oh you mean the 'Election Integrity' Team that was undermining election integrity? Yeah, they’re gone."

I&I has a poll, 28% Of Americans ‘Not Confident’ That 2024 Vote Will Be Fair And Accurate. Da Fed's Shawn Fleetwood reports West Virginia’s Top Election Official Demands Congress Give DHS An Ultimatum: Fire 2020 Election Meddlers Or No Funding.

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: I Was Dreaming I Was Awake up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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