Friday, September 29, 2023

Beach Report 9/29/23

A cool, overcast day. Skye is feeling pretty good apparently, so I invited her along, since I was pretty sure the tide was too high and the waves too wet to get past the rocks  up to Matoaka. Georgia stayed home to collect a package. 
We've have tides consistently above astronomical ever since TD Ophelia. That, combined with a lot of temporary beach erosion, has the beach significantly narrower. Today was lousy day for shark's teeth, only 2, and one was a shamer, just the root from from a mid sized lower Snaggletooth.
This juvenile seagull appears to have significantly overestimated the width of its throat, or underestimated the size of the Menhaden. I'm a little surprised; I've seen gulls cram down some enormous fish or pieces of fish carcasses. 

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