Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Beach Report 9/20/23

Georgia was baby sitting, and Skye is still on rest, so I was on my own. The weather is gorgeous, bright, mild, in the low 70s, with no humidity, and only a light NW wind.
I used my extra freedom to walk up a considerable ways further north that we usually do these days, up to the largely uninhabited beach between Matoaka and Western Shore.
I found this up 1.5 inch Snaggletooth lower there, buried. I don't even quite know how I found it, probably a flash of the Calvert blue from bit of the blade showing, but I don't really remember, other than being mildly astonished when I pulled it out of bare sand.
A nice Lemon Shark tooth.
This small White Shark tooth is a little worn, but had a beautiful purple/pink cast on the beach in the water. Too bad it will dry to a plain gray.
A Great Blue Heron was fishing in the area of the boulders coming back. It took exception to my presence and flew off as I walked past.

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