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Flotsam and Jetsam - DiFi Dies, RFK Jr. May Run Indie, Trump Sues Steele for Slander

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.29.23 (Evening Edition), EBL: Dianne Feinstein, RIP. From Da Fetched, BREAKING: Sen Dianne Feinstein Passes away at the age of 90. Well, she died with her boots on, so to speak. And other than hiring the Chinese spy to drive her around, there have been worse Senators, many of them in fact. This will, of course, touch of war of succession in California, at Breitbart, Gavin Newsom in 2021 Committed to Appointing Black Woman to Feinstein’s Seat, with Reps. Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, and Adam Schiff all vying for the seat. Until Gavin appoints a Senator, the Senate will be in balance 50:49 with Kamala only being able to provide the tying vote. Just in time for the shutdown!

In news from the Biden Crime syndicate, The Latest Hunter Biden Document Dump Is Littered With Bombshells. Here Are the Biggest. "Feds eyed sex trafficking charges against Hunter Biden." Da Fed John Davidson, from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.29.23 (Evening Edition), says Yes, The Biden Impeachment Hearing Presented Evidence Of Corruption — Lots Of It. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair snarks "I don’t call it the Protection Racket Media for nothing. As Newsbusters pointed out in its video compilation (linked here earlier), their ‘reporters’ did nothing but repeat Democrat talking points dismissing the already-extant evidence. It was amusing to see how many of them suddenly added “scintilla” to their vocabularies."  Also at da Fed, Elle Purnell pens Hunter Biden Email Discussing $5 Million Payment From Burisma Corroborates FD-1023. From Breitbart, James Biden Confirmed to FBI Family Tried to Help CEFC China Energy Co. Buy U.S. Energy Assets. WSJ, cited at Hat Hair, How Biden Inc profited off the family name. Capt. Ed, "I don’t think anyone disputes the fact that Hunter, James, and Frank all profited off of Joe Biden’s status in Washington. That’s not illegal in and of itself. The real questions are whether Joe abused his office to provide favors to their clients, and even more whether Joe financially benefited from those influence-peddling operations." NewsBusters, ABC, CBS, NBC Uniformly Paint First House Impeachment Hearing as Unfounded Piffle. Matt Margolis at PJM, No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Joe Biden? How About This? At NYPo, Jonathan Turley gives 10 reasons why it is worth investigating Joe Biden. Also from Turley, Tale of Two Scandals: The Striking Similarities in the Menendez and Biden Cases. I&I,  Biden, Menendez, And Michelle: Birds Of A Bribery Feather. At Ace's, James Comer: I Am Subpoenaing the Bank Records of Hunter Biden and James Biden. "Outstanding. You may wonder: Why not subpoena Joe Biden's bank records, too? Well, I think he's building to that. He will surely find a lot of dodgy money transfers in Hunter's and James's records which might be to Joe Biden."

VodkaPundit, at Insty, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE JOE’S ABILITY TO F*** THINGS UP: America’s emergency oil reserve is at a 40-year low — and that could inflate oil prices, Goldman Sachs says. "America’s emergency oil stockpile has plunged to 40-year lows. The shrinking Strategic Petroleum Reserve is limiting Washington’s ability to shield consumers from the fallout of Saudi Arabia’s aggressive supply cuts, according to Goldman Sachs. . . . Previously: Well, Biden Screwed Us Forever on Another Damn Thing. “The SPR is probably never going to be refilled, according to one expert, and maybe not even for the reason that first popped into your mind.”" At Da Pipeline, Biden's Continuing War on Energy Independence. From Da Caller, Hawley Unloads On Biden Official For ‘Shutting Down Critical Mineral Production’ In The US. Warren Beatty on Dealing with Consequences. Da Caller reports Dems Are Begging White House To Stop Using The Word ‘Bidenomics’. Nick Arama at Red State says Biden Thinks He's Going to Tag the GOP for Gov't Shutdown, but CNN Has a Big Surprise for Him. RNC Research@RNCResearch "CNN: "Who would you mainly blame for a government shutdown? Actually, the plurality blame Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress."" At Hat Hair, John Sext reads the NY Times as it discusses concerns about Joe Biden: 'He seems super old', and he ain't getting any younger, that's for sure.  Insty, AT THIS POINT, I’LL ONLY BELIEVE THEM IF THERE ARE HONORABLE SUICIDES: wretchardthecat@wretchardthecat "If the establishment is sensing impending disaster on all fronts; that revelations they've concealed so far are going to break, perhaps the prepared narrative for 2024 is the story a penitent, born-again Dem party vs an unrepentant, dirty DJT -- if you'll buy it.:

At Mediaite, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Planning to Announce Independent Run. Ben Bartee at PJM, RFK Jr. to Run as an Independent. Ace, Breaking: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Reportedly About to Announce Run as an Independent Third-Party Candidate "The Democrat Party is treating him badly so he's donezo." This might well be a death knell to Biden's second term hopes. Jr may well draw some Republicans, but they would be mostly Never-Trumpers, so it would be no great loss. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Cornell West came in on the second slot?

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.29.23 (Afternoon Edition), EBL If no one watched the GOP Debate ?  The Free Bacon calls it A Dud Debate. Hat Hair's KT reports The ratings are in for the RNC debate - most watched program on cable tv Wednesday. To be fair, there isn't a lot on. Tom Jackson at Hat Hair VIP thinks Facts benefit center-stage DeSantis; debate-ducking Trump, not so much. Jude Russo at Am Con, Will We Never Be Free? "Another round of tedious GOP ritual combat shouldn’t distract from where the real action is happening."

Rachel Alexander at Front Page wonders  What If We Excused Other Crimes the Way We Do Election Fraud? "If a cashier came up 26 times with less money in their till than expected, what would happen to them?" Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed reports a Lawsuit: Democrats’ Election-Takeover Ballot Amendments Violate The Michigan And U.S. Constitutions. At Da Wire, Watchdog Says Democrats Illegally Paid Foreign National For Campaign Work. "Arizona-based firm run by foreign national has been paid nearly $1 million for political work in recent years." Terrance Kible at LI reports Appellate Judges Scoff at Each Other After Court Declines New Challenge to Florida Voting Integrity Law
"Judges supporting the denial called the dissenters’ claims “meritless” and “histrionic.” The dissenters fired back, arguing the denial “hamper[ed] the ability of voters to seek the protections promised them by our Constitution.”" Hayden Ludwig at Am Great sees ‘High Election Worker Turnover’ is the Left’s Newest Ploy to Federalize Elections. "Democrats rely on activist groups like Issue One to make the case for conquering local election offices - here’s the real story." Althouse shows Ron DeSantis tells Bill Maher "don't act like" it was a "unique thing" to say that the election was stolen... "... and gets applause from the "Real Time" audience."

ABC is pleased to report Trump co-defendant takes plea deal, agrees to testify in Georgia election case. "The plea deal, by defendant Scott Hall, is the first in the case. . . . Hall, a Georgia bail bondsman, was charged in relation to the alleged breach of voting machine equipment in the wake of the 2020 election in Coffee County, Georgia." Capt. Ed, "That’s the piece of the indictment that’s likely the farthest away from Trump. However, one does have to wonder what Hall will give prosecutors in exchange for a plea deal and presumably some leniency." At Twitchy, WATCH: Trump says the MF-bomb and people lose their minds (LANGUAGE WARNING), "We are not sure about the overall context, but, in the clip, Trump is basically saying that Joe Biden had him indicted because he knew Trump could beat him, saying that they were thinking ‘indict the M—F—r!’" Breitbart reports  Georgia Senate GOP Caucus Ousts Senator for Trying to Remove Fani Willis from Office. A political trial deserves a political response. 

NYPo reports Trump suing ex-British spy Christopher Steele in UK over ‘pee tape’ dossier. Capt. Ed comments "British laws on defamation and libel/slander are much better for plaintiffs than in the US, which is no doubt why Trump chose the UK as his venue. Will he sue Hillary Clinton, the person who largely funded Steele’s effort?" I hope so. TNP, Trump Is Suing British Spy Christopher Steele Over Fake Russia Dossier. PJM's Ben Bartee reports Trump Accuses MSNBC Owner Comcast of ‘Treason,’ Calls for It to Be Investigated. That might be a little hyperbolic. At Fox, Florida man charged in Jan. 6 riot slams 'double standards' as ex-prosecutor makes bail in road rage stabbing. "Former Assistant US Attorney Patrick Scruggs accused of stabbing Florida driver on Tampa bridge."

Leslie Eastman at LI reports Science Canceled: Anthropologists Prevented from Giving ‘Importance of Biological Sex’ Talk at Conference. "American and Canadian anthropological associations assert that using terms male & female will “imperil the safety of the LGBTQI community.”  From the College Fix, Anthropology groups cancel all-female panel defending biological sex as ‘necessary category’. I thought the harder sciences would be relatively immune. Heather McDonald at CJ, But Johnny Can’t Spell G-A-Y "With large majorities of their students incompetent in English and math, Los Angeles schools are ramping up efforts—for more gay pride and gender indoctrination." Bacon's Rebellion looks at The Transgender Contagion. Jane Coleman at LI reports Missouri AG Sues School Board Over Secret Transgender Bathroom Policy Meetings. "School Board Member: “Quite frankly, it’s not the parents’ damn business” to know about the policy." Stacy Manning at Da Fed was horrified when Our Public School Put A Man With Fake Breasts In Our 10-Year-Old’s Classroom. mrc-TV reports HHS Will Remove LGBTQ Foster Kids From Homes That Don’t Affirm Their Delusions. Da Caller would like you to Meet The Dem Lawmaker At The Center Of California’s War On Parental Rights. At Am Think, Olivia Murray thinks about the ‘Kink’ festival with the most obscene acts imaginable lauded (and attended) by California’s most notorious lawmaker. Ace, Hawaiian Judges Block Anti-Castration/Mastectomy Bill From Taking Effect, and Claim That the First Amendment Demands that Children Be Exposed to Raunchy Drag-Queen Shows Featuring Simulated Anal Sex, "This must be a new and improved constitution I wasn't aware of." Beege Welborn at Hat Hair says Call a waahmbulance: 6th Circuit UPHOLDS TN & KY anti-child gender mutilation laws. Aubrey Glick at Am Spec cited at Hat Hair, If your pronouns are Xe/Xem, colleges want you. Rebeka Zeljko at Da Fed, Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Diversity’ Rebrand Is Unrecognizable And Out Of Touch. From Front Page, PragerU Video: Sex is Binary. "Confronting the anti-science claims of gender ideology." De Fed's Shawn Fleetwood reports 18 House Republicans Help Democrats Kill Amendment Defunding Pentagon ‘Pride Month’ Parties.

Eileen F. Toplansky at Am Think thinks about The Death of the Library
As the Marxists ram their equity ideas into all institutions, libraries are a critical target. Consequently, "progressives and leftists must put public libraries at the top of [their] organizing agendas." To that end, they will offer resources to essentially transform libraries into indoctrination centers instead of places of learning.

The president of the American Library Association, Emily Drabinski, is a "self-described Marxist lesbian who openly posts 'in support of sexually exposing children, union-led political strife, socialist politicians, and libraries pushing explicit and far-left material on unwilling taxpayers.' In one 2021 lecture ... she stated that 'queerness includes the subversion of those kinds of normal family types' meaning husbands, wives, and children."
At Da Wire, In His Criminal Trial, Former Loudoun County Superintendent Blames Sex Assault Victims, "Facing sexual assault 30-40 times a day, administrators told teacher to put a piece of cardboard in front of her groin — and fired her after she spoke to government investigators." Capt. Ed, "Ziegler has another trial coming up on charges related to another part of the cover-up. Let’s hope the judge makes an example of Ziegler and forces him to do some time in jail, although it probably would’t be for long."

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