Monday, March 5, 2018

In the Know? Vote Silvio!

My hero, Silvio Berlusconi, once and possibly future ruler of Italy: Shedding past scandals, Berlusconi barrels ahead with comeback
Sidestepping sex scandals, serial gaffes and legal woes, Silvio Berlusconi's astonishing return to frontline politics rolled on Sunday at a party gathering where adoring supporters feted the billionaire mogul as Italy's next kingmaker.

Berlusconi, dressed in black with oiled-back hair and a dayglo smile, spoke for more than two hours at the event in Milan, beguiling the audience just a week before general elections with his trademark mix of populist rhetoric and baudy humour.
 Trump before Trump thought of running.

"He's an exceptional man," said Elga Morati, a 70-year-old retired nurse. "He's a real pillar of Italy, someone blessed by the gods."

Although barred from public office owing to a tax fraud conviction, Berlusconi is hoping to position himself as a key dealmaker in the next government if his coalition wins a majority in parliament on March 4.
But his detractors  are out lurking! Silvio Berlusconi is confronted by a topless woman activist as he is tipped to make a big comeback while voters head to the polls in the Italian elections
Former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been surprised by a topless activist while casting his vote in the Italian elections today.

The woman, who had the words 'Berlusconi, you've expired' written in black marker on her chest, jumped onto the table at the Milan polling station as Berlusconi was voting.
I don't see Femen's problem with Silvio. It's not like he doesn't like women!
Photographers in the room jostled for position amid the chaos while Berlusconi, 81, was escorted out.

Far-right and populist parties are expected to make major gains and Berlusconi is set to play a leading role.

While he cannot hold office himself because he was convicted of tax fraud, he is backing another nominee.

Polling stations opened at 6am GMT and will close at 10pm, with initial results expected tomorrow morning.
I'm pretty sure there's nothing there he hasn't seen before.

See the whole incident via Twitter:

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