Friday, October 6, 2017

This Week in Perversion

It's already been a strong week, what with another Polanski rape victim coming forward, and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinberg being accused of multiple cases of sexual harassment of young actresses under his purview. But wait, there's more!

My, what a big chin you have!
Stacy McCain catches a ‘High-Risk Sex Offender’ Using Transgender Identity to Pursue Teens?
Another setback for the Transgender Victimhood Narrative:
Riley Byerly is a transwoman who authors the website ‘My Transgender Life: Sharing My Life One Moment At A Time’.
He also goes by the name Riley Lilian Grace Byerly. He is 27. His legal name is Brynner Phoenix Rennecke. . . .
Before his arrest at the age of 15, this transwoman had raped or sexually assaulted at least five children. From ages 18 to 26 he was confined under civil commitment in the state hospital in Jamestown, North Dakota as a sexual offender at high risk to re-offend. He was released last year.
Upon his release, he immediately began pursuing more child victims. He keeps a Flickr account here where he posts stolen facebook photos of his desired victims: Young boys and boyish looking young transgender females (FTM).
You can read the whole thing. Rennecke/“Byerly” was arrested last weekon a charge of unlawful presence of a sexual offender near schools.
And where do his preferred  FTM targets come from? Munchausen Moms: @LizFraserRM, Feminism and Gender Dysphoria
What is causing the epidemic of sexual confusion among young people? Because I’ve been researching radical feminism for more than three years, I am deeply familiar with the feminist opposition to the transgender cult, and have frequently cited blogs like 4th Wave Now, which are critical of this phenomenon. The problem of “social contagion”as a factor in encouraging transgender identification, and so-called “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” are issues where radical feminists have led the way in describing and analyzing the sources of this growing trend of confusion among young people. However, it is apparent that feminism itself is part of the problem, because the movement’s attack “traditional gender norms” inevitably tends to destabilize identity. Indeed, anyone who has carefully studied the theory promoted by Professor Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble — the social construction of the gender binary within the heterosexual matrix — must expect confusion to result from feminism’s “success.” Because feminism is an anti-male ideology, and because schools are now controlled by women, it is common for teachers to punish boys for masculine behavior. Yet the same traits that schools punish in boys — e.g., aggression and competitiveness — are encouraged in girls in the name of feminist “empowerment.”
. . .
These “Munchausen moms” are clearly a factor in children now being labeled transgender in kindergarten or earlier, and the media celebrates this trend. Vanessa Ford announced that her 4-year-old son was her “daughter” (named “Ellie”) and got herself feartured in a Katie Couric interview. With both the news media and public schools encouraging this trend, we can expect that other narcissistic mothers will turn their children into freaks for the sake of attention.
Transgender Social Contagion Reminds School Counselor of Salem in 1692
We have previously discussed the “social contagion” by which so-called “rapid onset” transgenderism appears to be spreading among young people. And it is obvious that the education system is part of the problem. The feminist blog 4th Wave Now, which has become a clearinghouse for women concerned about this issue, recently got this comment:
When traveling for business recently, I sat next to a school counselor on the plane, and as we chatted about this and that, I gently raised this topic. She said something very interesting. She said that at her school, it has been nothing less than something straight out of the pages of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” — and eerily so. Much like the mass hysteria in the 1600s of Salem girls overcome with fits and trances as they thought themselves possessed and plagued by “witchcraft,” so the sudden-onset trans phenomenon has swept through her high school. She said that you can see the patterns ripple across friend groups, and teens who never experienced “symptoms” before, are suddenly at 15 and 16, making trans declarations and then reconstructing stories of their lives that assert that the “wrong body” trouble was present in them all along, lurking but unrecognized. She expressed deep concern about finding some way to mitigate or dampen what she called this “emotional contagion” because the only option the school is given is affirmation without question. And all the books the parents are reading are saying “affirm or die,” so if you raise a peep about any other kind of possibility of exploring alternatives to medical transition, you are threatened with the potential liability of having caused a suicide. She actually welled up in tears at one point as she spoke about her sense of helplessness at watching this spin out of control. Is this a return to the dynamics of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Salem witch trials? Or, has this kind of suggestibility been with us all along and teens are especially susceptible? The outbreak of fits related to “witchcraft” was a case of what some have called “social terror as communal contagion.” How might the forces of suggestibility be at work now? And is there any way to diffuse them? What kind of “Crucible” are we now going through and what will be the lasting impacts on these teens’ lives as they grow up? What play would Arthur Miller be composing today about the teen trans trend?
Exactly! If you know anything about psychology, you know that suggestibility varies greatly between individuals. Some people are easily persuaded by any clever pitch, and others are not. However, young people are quite generally vulnerable to suggestion, and the idea of transgenderism as a panacea for certain adolescent social problems is being pitched constantly online in blogs and YouTube videos that serve to glamorize this cult.
Turning your kid trans has become a cottage industry, protected by power of SJWs and political correctness.

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