Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Beach Report 10/3/17

 Not your usual boat yard jalopy.
It appears to be an MG T type. It has antique plates, so it's an old one.
The MG T series is a range of body-on-frame open 2-seater sports cars with very little weather protection that were produced by MG from 1936 to 1955. The series included the MG TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD, and MG TF Midget models. The last of these models, the TF, was replaced by the MGA.

A gorgeous day at the beach, warm enough for shorts, but not hot, clear and quiet. And now, with school back in, we have the beach nearly to ourselves.
Georgia found this mammoth Snaggletooth.
An interesting example of a fossil bearing rock on the beach.
One of the two Black Drum's teeth we found today (the smaller of the two). Overall, a pretty good day for fossils; 22 shark's teeth, 2 drum's teeth, a complete Eagle Ray chevron (very tiny), and a Tilley bone,

The girls resting as I catch up . . .
while a few yards away a GBH works the shallows

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