Friday, October 20, 2017

Teeth (and More) at the Beach

What wonderful weather! Mid October and it's 75 and sunny!
A couple of really nice shark's teeth today. Georgia found the big Snaggletooth lower on the top right, and I was feeling kind of jealous. Then I found the Mako lower (center) 10 steps away. I just picked up the Tiger (contortus) close by. 12 teeth total for the day.
Now a few pics from yesterday. A baby Chain Pickerel hiding in the rip rap at Flag Harbor. Do you see it? Excellent camouflage.
Someone using the flat water near the shore to practice touch and go landings.

I have no clue what this ship is doing. Servicing the CBOS buoys? I forgot to look on to see what it was yesterday.

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