Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Soft Core Actress Reveals Weinstein Excuse, "For the Children"

The Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to plague Hollywood and New York, with new reports that Harvey, in between exposing himself and masturbating into the flora in front of startlet, reportedly raped at least three of them. How Clintonian. Hollyweird has had a tough time coming to grips with it all, with some star saying they knew nothing (Meryl Streep), and some saying they'd heard but weren't really convinced (George Clooney). But the best (or perhaps most ludicrous) excuse for not saying anything comes from Rule 5 subject Alyssa Milano (NSFW link):

Alyssa Milano releases statement on why she said NOTHING about Weinstein

Even with these strong feelings – not just about Weinstein but about workplace sexism in general – this statement is complicated for me for personal reasons. Harvey has a wife, who I have had the privilege of working with for the last 5 years on Project Runway All Stars. Georgina Chapman is my friend. She is one of the most special humans I have ever met. Harvey and Georgina also have two very young children who my children have known their entire lives. It is because of my love for Georgina, xxx and xxx that I haven’t publicly commented on this until now. Please don’t confuse my silence for anything other than respect for a dear friend and her beautiful children.
So basically Alyssa remained silent about the sexual harassment of possibly hundreds of women to protect Weinstein’s children.
Ann Althouse is doing journeyman's work here, with repeated posts of the scandal. Apparently, there is at least one liberal feminist woman who cares whether a major Democrat donor is harassing and raping Hollywood wannabes.

Wombat-socho links with "Rule 5 Sunday: Pussycat No More".

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