Sunday, October 29, 2017

How to Piss Off a Liberal

If you really must. Post a picture of yourself holding a gun on Instagram: NCIS Star Maria Bello Getting Backlash Over Instagram Gun Pic
There’s another Hollywood controversy brewing, and it has nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein. No, this time, the focus is on an actress. Maria Bello, who stars in the television show NCIS, is facing a backlash over what some perceive to be naughty photos on her Instagram account.

Of course, by “naughty” I don’t mean racy or anything like that. No, these pics are enough to incite a liberal to a head explosion in .34 seconds.
On the far right, as they say.

Bello faced some negative comments almost immediately, however.

While a number of fans responded with excitement for what Jack Sloane might be up to, other Instagram users criticized the actress for smiling while holding a gun in the wake of this month’s Las Vegas shooting.
 She's supposed to suspend her hobbies?
“That’s a shameful pic,” one individual wrote. “Always been a fan, but glamorizing assault weapons after Vegas is clumsy at best, callous at worst. One less fan. Good luck with ‘NCIS.’”

“There is nothing sexy about anyone holding a gun,” wrote another fan.

Yet another commenter chimed in with, “Weird timing for posting this.”

Yes, weird timing indeed. Heaven forbid anyone continues to live their lives more than three weeks after a tragedy, especially if you’re talking about firearms. Especially when the picture in question has absolutely nothing to do with Las Vegas.
 Yeah, there are never any firearms on NCIS.
Yet that’s what the anti-gun zealots routinely do. They continually tone police the pro-gun crowd, claiming we’re being callous by continuing to do the things we enjoy and to talk about them, but they have no compunction about standing on the bodies of the dead to use them as an ersatz soapbox. Now, you tell me something. Which is worse?

Maria Bello is an actor. She’s shooting at a range, and demonstrating good finger discipline, I might add. She’s doing nothing wrong. She indicates she’s training for her role, which is something all fans of the show should get behind. Apparently, she wants to do it right. I only wish more actors tried to get it right when performing their parts.
Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Whatever Happened To" up and running.

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