Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I Pity the Fool

who gets Stacy McCain's attention: Can Queer Feminist Emma Lindsay Possibly Avoid a Crazy Cat Lady Future?
Emma Lindsay is a 32-year-old queer feminist who lives in San Francisco, where everybody is gay except for desperate heterosexual men. How desperate are they? Desperate enough to date Emma Lindsay.

Last year, Emma Lindsay’s blogging about sex — sex! sex! sex! — was the subject of an article I wrote called “Whatever Happened to Normal?”
When did every woman on the planet suddenly decide that she needs to relate her every sexual experience — and every thought she’s ever had about sex — for the entire Internet to read? Who would want to date someone like that, knowing that your every interaction is likely to be conveyed in detail (and critically analyzed) for the enjoyment of everybody with a Wifi hookup?
Like all queer feminists, Emma Lindsay is crazy. She dated men until she was in her mid-20s, then switched to dating women before she apparently noticed that her relationships with women were going the same place that her relationships with men had gone — nowhere.
. . .
Readers would be mistaken to think I dislike Emma Lindsay, because in fact I am deeply sympathetic to her. She is a victim of feminism, part of a generation of young women doomed to a future of barren loneliness by their belief in a false ideology, the Cult of Social Justice. Read more
Like a lot of people, she probably talked and thought herself into her own problems. If she hadn't been exposed to radfem, she would probably be a pretty normal, decent person now.

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