Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Visit to the Beach and a Visitor

 It was 85, sunny, and all but windless when Skye demanded her afternoon stroll. She and I walked down to the beach, and Georgia met us there with the car, which saved us the hot walk home.
I found this tooth pretty quickly. A nice Lemon Shark, maybe.
Georgia found this one within a few seconds. A little smaller and more worn.
Then I found this Snaggletooth. We had to quit with the pictures pretty quickly; we found 30 teeth.
Once home from the beach, I tried to get some butterfly pictures in the garden while Georgia tried to give Skye a good cleaning. The Butterfly Bushes were swarming. There were at least two Monarchs.
Not a butterfly, but a Hummingbird Moth, probably a Snowberry Clearwing.
A Zebra Swallowtail. I saw cerveral other varieties, and would have taken more photos, but I turned around and saw . . .
 A six point buck (I'll use eastern count, since I'm in the east) standing behind me in the back yard. I watched and took shots for a few minutes, and he barely moved, even when Georgia came over with Skye on the leash.
After a while he went back down, but then I came back around the house, and he was headed back up. It looks like he had an encounter with something. There was a big scraped on his side that didn't look like a wound, but had most of the hair off.
As you can see, his antlers were still in velvet.

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