Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Back on the Trail at Clinton.com

Not the best way to be forced to take a holiday from the continuing saga at Clinton.com, but the time has come to pick up the trail again. Mom reviled Hillary Clinton.

While I was off doing other things, Hillary had a great fall, and in in the aftermath, apparently decided that the best way to distract from her health concerns was to attack Donald Trump for his former "birther" statements, which he quickly backed down from, and then, in classic style, blamed on Hillary for starting the rumors. Unfortunately for her, the rumors are well founded as a few honest journalists remember Hillary henchperson Sid "the shiv" Blumenthal pushing the rumors during her 2008 campaign against Hussein Obama. Meanwhile, the health issue continues to fulminate, with Hillary having to be helped up a few steps to podium to talk to a nearly empty room at Temple University.

On the email front, new evidence strongly suggests that Platt River tech Paul Corbetta (since immunized by the FBI), sought out ways to eliminate traces of VIP (Hillary, Huma, Cheryl?) email addresses from an email archive on Reddit, in the weeks before "Bleachbit" was used to delete the archive "where even God can't find it". More curiously, the same tech is apparently trying to eliminate the evidence in Reddit, deleting those posts. Ongoing obstruction of justice? You'd think a computer tech would know you can't really delete anything off the internet.

Ace wonders again about Comey's finding of "no criminal intent". Now the House Republicans will be looking into it, which will, no doubt,  draw the usual cries of partisanship from the usual suspects.

In an amusing incident regarding the bombing in the Chelsea district in New York, Clinton slammed the Donald for calling it a "bomb", after she called it a bombing.

It was reported that Hillary looked a bit ill as she made the announcement. SHE’S DRUGGED!? Hillary Can’t Hold It Together During Response To NYC Bombing. Ambien haze, hangover? An old lady needs her zzzzs. And, of course, in hindsight, Trump was right, it was an Islamic terrorist's pressure cooker bomb. From a guy who traveled to Afghanistan to be radicalized. A few more of these, and she might even lose New York. Hillary's health is even starting to depress the value of the Mexican Peso, if not Donald Trump's supporters.
The Mexican currency reached the psychological barrier of 20 pesos per dollar, and analysts and commentators cited the role of the U.S. presidential campaign.
. . .
Newspaper columnist Carlos Loret de Mola said Clinton's health problems are key.

"Speculation broke out against the Mexican currency last week due to the poor health of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton," Loret de Mola wrote in the newspaper El Universal.
WaPo op-ed ponders, ‘when did we start wondering if the candidates were healthy?’ Back when you were speculating about John McCain's cancer and injuries, and Sarah Palin's uterus?

Is this the change you wanted? Hillary demands that you change your religious beliefs to meet her political expectations:
Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.
But I'll bet she doesn't demand that of Muslims. ANALYSIS: TRUE. Trump: Clinton has harsher words for Trump supporters than Islamic terrorists. And then, there's her will to shape our kid's minds:

The Observer observes (nope, not yet) The Election’s Core Issue Since Clinton Declared Candidacy in 1808 is dishonesty. Secrecy, dishonesty, corruption. It's all the core issue: “WATCHDOG” Names Hillary Clinton Most Corrupt Politician. It's a high bar, but I think she's got it.

Democratic activists, er, I mean the Washington Post (more or less the same thing) are concerned that Hillary is losing ground with Hispanics. Among Democrats, deep concern about Clinton’s Hispanic strategy. You mean a few of them have figured out she doesn't really have their best interests at heart? Democrats Losing Control Of Black Americans?

Via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 09.19.16"Decades Of Deplorables – Hillary And Sid Blumenthal’s Birther, Muslim Smears Against ObamaHillary’s IT Guy Wouldn’t Talk To Congress, But Is This Suspicious Reddit Post Talking?Bob Ross Paints Hillary ClintonProjecting Hillary, Amazon Reviews Of Hillary’s New BookWhat’s Wrong With Hillary? and from the usually sensible Megan McArdle: “Deplorables” And The Myth Of The Single-Issue Voter.

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