Monday, September 19, 2016

Home Again

Mom's service was Saturday morning, at a small Lutheran church in Valley Springs, quite a ways a way from their home in Murphys. After a luncheon at the church, Mark, Ted and I assembled at Dad's for a final consultation.

We stayed overnight with Dad for the last time, loaded the rental car, made our goodbyes and left by 8:15 AM for a 12:30 PM flight out of Sacramento where TSA precheck got us through the line with minimal consternation . The flights went as planned, and we arrived at BWI on time at 10:38. The baggage came out remarkably fast for Baltimore, and the shuttle to the parking was waiting when we got out. Although we were caught briefly behind an MARC train boom barrier, traffic was minimal, and we made 23 of 25 lights on the way home (we've done better). We were home by 12:30 AM.

We'll get the dog out of the doggy spa after breakfast.

Normal blogging should resume shortly

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