Sunday, September 4, 2016

At the Beach In the Wake of Hermine

Our weather has turned lovely after the passage of Hermine up the coast, 75 F, mostly sunny and breezy, and with delightfully low humidity. Skye demanded something, so we drove her down the beach to see what the wind and waves had done. Even though it was nominal low tide, it was still equal to the highest normal tides.
 As usual, the storm brought a lot of floating debris up the beach, and you can see from the wrack line that the highest water made it up to the foot of the dunes.
Skye had fun sniffing every new object on the beach, and some of the old ones too.
The "cliff" area down by Charlie's house was still inundated by the tide, and we chose not to wade around it, and get Skye all wet and stinky. However, this family chose to wade around the area.

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