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Mass Immunization at

In a classic Friday night document dump (it's not always what you think, sometimes it's just bureaucrats trying to put something behind them for the weekend), the FBI released another 189 pages of documents from it's investigation into Hillary's email. One of the first details to emerge was that Clinton personal attorney and sometimes State Dept. employee Cheryl Mills (talk about a conflict of interest!) was granted immunity from prosecution, even though she was also allowed to represent Hillary at her interview with the FBI. She must be superwoman, because she can do anything and get away with it! This brings the total number of people in the probe granted immunity to five (that we know about), provoking Congressman Chaffetz to exclaim:
"This is beyond explanation,” the exasperated congressman said in a statement. “The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy. I've lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out. Immunity deals should not be a requirement for cooperating with the FBI.”

“No wonder they couldn't prosecute a case.”
It's traditional that immunity agreements are given to lower level criminals to induce them to testify against the higher ranks. So we're handing out immunity for things "no reasonable prosecutor" would prosecute? Does not compute. If that was the idea here, it was notably unsuccessful. It looks more like protecting the Clinton Mob. Austin Bay at Insty's place:
THE ROTTEN IMMUNITY DEALS BEHIND THE FBI’S ROTTEN INVESTIGATION: Here we go again. FBI Director Comey’s recommendation not to prosecute Hillary stank when he made it and the stench just gets worse. Don’t let FBI Director Comey put a criminal in the White House.
The document tranche also revealed that  A Clinton IT Aide Discussed Hillary 'Cover-Up Operation' in Work Email. At least he knew what was going on, even if the FBI wouldn't bite. The employee later claimed it was a joke
A new document released by the FBI late this afternoon in another Friday document dump adds another damning piece of evidence to the inexplicably closed Clinton email case.

An employee at Platte River Networks, the company that managed Hillary Clinton's emails after she left the State Department, sent a work ticket that referred to the "Hilary [sic] coverup [sic] operation" (Hillary cover-up operation) after Clinton's team had asked the company to modify her email system so that it would automatically delete messages after 60 days.
Another revelation was that Barack H. Obama used an pseudonym when communicating with Hillary by email! Does this suggest he knew Hillary was using a private, unsecured email system?
In an April 5, 2016 interview with the FBI, Abedin was shown an email exchange between Clinton and Obama, but the longtime Clinton aide did not recognize the name of the sender.

"Once informed that the sender's name is believed to be pseudonym used by the president, Abedin exclaimed: 'How is this not classified?'" the report says. "Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president's use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email."

The State Department has refused to make public that and other emails Clinton exchanged with Obama. Lawyers have cited the "presidential communications privilege," a variation of executive privilege, in order to withhold the messages under the Freedom of Information Act.
I generally agree with the idea of the president having privilege, though, what about Nixon's tapes? Privileged on not? I'd love to know what Barack chose as a pseudonym was, though. But What Happens When You Can't Trust the FBI and the Department of Justice? It can't be good.

The Washington Post is starting to have its doubts: Is she ‘likable enough’? and When will millennials start liking Hillary Clinton? No and never.

So, did you hear that there's going to be a debate, Hillary and the media versus Donald on Monday night? Obama, secretly trying to undermine Hillary suggests that Hillary 'Be yourself'. Well, she's tried everything else. Rested And Ready, "Hillary postpones another fundraiser. Presumably she is resting up for her 3 PM phone call, when she will get a reminder to take some more meds." Debate Prep For Hillary, With Everything Omitted

Politico delivers a puff piece on Hillary's debate prep which completely ignores the real questions that are no doubt terrifying Team Hillarity!.
Inside Hillary Clinton’s debate prep
The Democrat holds more moot court than mock debate as she prepares to show her opponent as unbalanced and ill prepared.
"Ill prepared" is either a Freudian slip or a secret coded message highlighting the key question - how sick is Hillarity! and will she have some weird episode on stage?

Seriously, what is the plan if she commences a coughing fit? Do they let her stand their and hack away, or have they worked out a time-out signal? Can she really try to joke it off as "allergic to Trump" with Trump standing there? And by the way, both Trump and the moderator ought to have a plan in the back of their mind for this. Should Trump rush over and perform the Heimlich maneuver? It shows he is a take-charge guy but sort of disrespects personal boundaries. Tricky!
The coughing question has been covered in the debate rules. Time spent coughing comes out of the cougher's time to respond. Hillary also demanded requested a step stool to stand on to offset Donald's 10 inch height advantage, but was forced to settle for a proportionally sized podium. Also:
debate moderator Lester Holt, who anchors NBC Nightly News, will not have the power to instruct cameramen to 'cut away' from the stage if Clinton finds herself physically compromised during the 90-minute debate, the first of three showdowns before the November 8 election.

'And microphone audio for either of the candidates is not to be manipulated,' Drudge reported.
Can Hillary stand at a podium and answer questions for 90 minutes and not go all Googely-Goggely SpazzyEyes or collapsing? I wonder if she'll wear dark glasses? I expect her to be heavily medicated. Maybe we should demand blood tests! Hillary Clinton slams suggestions she needs neurological test despite bizarre video showing her eyes moving ‘out-of-sync’ It's only a little brain damage; nothing important.
Reporter: So You're Doin' Better
Hillary: Super, Thanks For Asking
Reporter: So You'd Take a Neurocognitive Assessment Test
Hillary: Neurocognitive Assessment Test? What, Like a Cloth?
Ed Driscol at Insty's: ARE THEY TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING? Cast of Old TV Show About a President Hiding a Debilitating Disease to Stump for Hillary in Ohio.

Hillary: Demonic Possession or Natural Depravity? Choose the healing power of "and." The devil herself "A Deadpan Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Between Two Ferns.'" Mildly amusing. I now feel empowered to make withered vagina jokes about Hillary.

I think the riots in Charlotte are another nail in Hillary's coffin: Americans don't like riots. Clinton's silence on Charlotte is a liberal loss of nerve. How many dead black people does it take to elect Hillary? George Soros seems determined to find out and overshoot if necessary. As Americans Tire of Eco-Panic, Hillary Quietly Drops ‘Climate Change’ Rhetoric. Just responding to the political market.

Finally! The Clinton Family has a compound
As every Godfather fan knows, you’ve got to have a compound when your famiglia hits the big time.  I am sure we are supposed to associate “family compound” with the words “Hyannis” and “Kennedy,” but for me, “Corleone” comes to mind.

And the Clintons certainly have done that and more.  Jennifer Gould of the New York Post reports:
It’s not quite the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, but Bill and Hillary Clinton are expanding their Westchester spread by buying the house next door, The Post has learned.
The Clintons shelled out $1.16 million for the three-bedroom, 3,631-square-foot, ranch-style home set on 1.51 leafy acres on Old House Lane in Chappaqua.
One for Bill and one for Hillary? Speaking of sex crimes: Feds Subpoena Anthony Weiner's Phone Records
Most likely they're looking for evidence to back up the 15 year old's claim they had sexually-explicit Skype sessions. The sessions wouldn't be recorded (I don't think), but the fact that there was a Skype session (if there was one) would be pretty probative.
Via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 09.23.16"“How Is That not Classified?” Apparently Hillary Had E-Mails To Obama On Her Private ServerFourteen Clinton Non-Profits And Super PACs Caught Laundering MoneyDebate Prep For Hillary, With Everything OmittedHillary Thinks The Third World Has A Right To Move To The U.S.E-Mail Shows Federal Immigration Bosses Pushing To Swear In New Citizens “Due To Election” 

Also a pretty good bunch at Maggie's Farm:

“I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy!”, Is Trump the Only Republican Who Can Handle the Media Onslaught?, Hillary's fashion, Why Movement Conservatives Are Rooting for Hillary - Her victory is their only hope of preserving the status quo.,  Wealthy Voters Abandon Republican Party for Hillary Clinton, Clinton proposes bumping up estate tax "Tax and spend is all she's got. But everybody knows that the wealthy pay no estate taxes. She will not, for sure," Joss Whedon Almost Got Me to Vote For Trump, Inside Hillary Clinton’s Outrage Machine, Allies Push the Buttons and Why Trump Will Win: It's the Likability, Stupid!. Hillary: The Third World Has a “Right” to Move to the United States, Finally! The Clinton Family has a compound, Here’s a question Donald Trump should try and work in to the debate: why is Hillary Clinton against the right to work?Hell is wherever Hillary is.

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