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Post-Post Debate Debates Over

The day after the day after the debate Instapundit finds: TRUMP WINS MOST IMMEDIATE POLLS:
“The newspaper collected screen shots of 19 ‘snap’ polls conducted immediately after the debate, and in 17 of them, most respondents said Trump won the debate, often by a wide margin. It isn’t just Drudge and Breitbart; Trump also got more votes than Clinton in instant polls at Time, Slate, Variety and other liberal outlets. I can’t explain it, other than to say that perhaps it tells us more about how people view Hillary Clinton than about how Donald Trump actually performed.”
Althouse cite Scott Adams:  "Clinton won on points.... Clinton won the debate last night. And while she was doing it, Trump won the election.". On points, in the Breitbart post-debate poll, Clinton won 48/43. From celebrity row, A broken clock? Michael Moore Says Trump ‘Won’ The Debate and Mika Despondent Over Debate: Hillary ‘Amazing’ But Trump Will Win More Voters. The Washington Examiner posits Three ways Hillary Clinton won the debate — and why it might not matter. The men (and women) in the bar view: How Trump won over a bar full of undecideds and Democrats. The Fix is in at the Washington Post: Why Trump is close: He’s winning voters who see little difference between him and Clinton, and the Examiner: Did Donald Trump deconstruct Hillary Clinton with marginal voters?

On the other hand fromTuesday morning links at Maggie's Farm: Mirengoff: Thoughts on an unpleasant evening, 'Bizarre' Donald Trump seemed 'dreadfully unprepared', He winged it, had no plan. Thinks he is better than he is. Trump’s debate incompetence a slap in the face to his supporters, Dick Morris on Trump at Debate: 'He's Coasting', and Commenter here: "I expected more from him. I believe average citizens did too."

The "moderation" was still at issue: AND THE ROLE OF CANDY CROWLEY WAS PLAYED BY… Lester Holt
“not only made himself part of the game on Monday night, he ran up to the scrimmage line, then sacked the quarterback three times,” Kyle Smith writes.

Related: Debate Wrap-Up: Media Bashing of Lauer Has Desired Effect as Lester Holt Lets His Bias Fly.

Or as Heat Street asks, Lester Holt: The Third Debater?
Alicia Machado
Across the pond the Brits at the Mirror are asking: 'Was Lester Holt auditioning for Hillary's press secretary?' NBC moderator is criticized for Clinton bias by failing to ask about her emails or Benghazi. Ashe Schow at the Washington Examiner, always alert to false claims of sexual inequality asks Where are the fact checkers for Clinton's pay gap claims? Ashe also notes that Clinton appears to only care about the rights of some young men, black urban criminals, rather than white college students. Tom McGuire at Just one Minute is Checking The Fact Checkers on the issues of urban violence. Trump claimed violence in cities is up, Clinton claims they are down. The facts support Donald. At the debate Hillary mentioned Alicia Machado, the 1996 Venezuelan Miss Universe/Piggy, who Clinton cited as an example of Trump's misogyny. You can see "truth" behind the charges at my Rule 5 post on Ms. Machado. She did pork up a bit after winning. But the Mirror catches the fact that she was involved in a murder, and threatening a judge in Venezuela in 1998. Why do democrats always support the criminals?

The State Dept. email scandal keeps on keepin' on. Of course, the State Dept misses court's deadline on Clinton docs. The judge needs to to what he'd do if lawyers for a private firm missed deadlines repeatedly; put someone in jail for contempt. I'm reminded of the story of the Caribbean dictator who ordered three men to carry his grand piano up a flight of stairs. When they said it was too heavy, he shot one, and then the remaining two found the means to move the piano. Too good to check. This Ain't Hell found A Few More “Private” Email Facts that Came to Light. The one that seemed most novel to me was:
One of Clintoon’s longtime aides reputedly possessed a thumbdrive containing an archive of Clintoon’s emails, which she said was “something she happened to have laying around the house.” When the FBI requested she produce it, she was “unable to find it” – purportedly after searching “several times”. 
That sounds like something Cheryl Mills would come up with; she once had "burglers" steal some inconvenient documents from her house. Speaking of Cheryl, noted conservative legal expert Jonathon Turley (I jest, I jest) sees Clinton confidant's immunity deal looms over debate. The Wall Street Journal questions The Secrets of Cheryl Mills - If there was no evidence of criminal activity, why all the immunity?
Andrew McCarthy, a former U.S. attorney, puts it this way: “It’s like telling a bank robbery suspect, ‘If you turn over that bag, I’ll give you immunity as to the contents’—which means if the money you robbed is in there, I can’t use it against you.”
The Wall Street Journal also has More questions about the FBI’s special handling of the email case, especially James Comey’s Clinton Immunity.
Why the courtesy? “If the FBI wanted any other Americans’ laptops, they would just go get them—they wouldn’t get an immunity deal,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told Politico. He’s right. The FBI merely had to seek a subpoena or search warrant. By offering immunity, the FBI exempted the laptops and their emails as potential evidence in a criminal case.
Afraid to upset the next boss? Speaking of which a  Former NSA analyst says the FBI may reopen investigation if Clinton loses. Of course, suck up to the new boss. However, the FBI claims time crunch necessitated immunity deal for Clinton aide Cheryl Mills. I though Comey said he was going to do it right, and not fast, regardless of the pending election. How long does it take to get a warrant and grab a computer? Sarah Westwood at the Washington examiner has Five unanswered questions for Comey on Clinton email case "1) Why did Cheryl Mills need an immunity agreement to cooperate with the FBI? 2) Did the FBI know about the suspicious Reddit posts? 3) Why did two of Clinton's lawyers receive immunity deals?, 4) Was anyone at the White House questioned about their knowledge of the server? and 5) Why was John Bentel protected?" A good start.

Would you be shocked to learn Hillary never took mandatory security training on classified material? She's much too important for such mundane affairs as protecting the country rather than herself.

Also news, Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Forwarded Classified & Top Secret Emails to Yahoo & Webmail linked to Anthony Weiner, so she could get it to a printer!
Abedin said, according to FBI documents, she would then access those email accounts via webmail from an unclassified computer system at the State Dept. and print the documents, many of which were classified and top secret, from the largely unprotected webmail portals.

Clinton did not have a computer in her office on Mahogany Row at the State Dept. so she was not able to read timely intelligence unless it was printed out for her, Abedin said. Abedin also said Clinton could not operate the secure State Dept. fax machine installed in her Chappaqua, NY home without assistance.
While I'm ragging on Huma, it's worth noting her background again. Abedin's Dad might be shocked at his daughter's conduct: Daddy’s Issues, Archive video exposes Weiner in-law
Abedin said that Arab states must police the upholding of Sharia, or Islamic law, and explained why the majority of Muslims view Israel and the Western world in primarily “hostile” terms.

The video provides a window into the Abedin family’s ideology, which has been marred by accusations it is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Enjoy some blue on blue action? Lesbian Trump supporter slams gay Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook
“And it’s really flooring the hell out of me that he’s supporting a woman that took money from these countries, from these countries that would take him and his friends or his lover or his partner and throw them off a building and kill them,” she said.
Clintons go where the money leads them.

FBI probes hacks targeting phones of Democratic Party officials - sources, but there's just no way that Hillary's openly "secret" basement/bathroom server was ever hacked, right?

NRA Hits Hillary in New Ad to Run in Five Swing States

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