Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sitting in the Salon at

Former DHS assistant secretary of policy Stewart Baker thinks Clinton Email tapped by foreign powers.
Baker concludes:
“I suppose this could all be coincidence, but the most likely scenario is that the Secretary’s Asia trip produced an intelligence report that was directly relevant to the security of Clinton’s communications. And that the report was sufficiently dramatic that it spurred Clinton to make immediate security changes on her homebrew server.”
According to Baker, if this is indeed true, then it only leads to more questions.  He notes that this is especially true because even though there is evidence that Clinton was using the server in January and February, she never turned over e-mails before March 18.
It one of those mysteries that none of the early emails show up in her records, but traces can be found elsewhere. Like the Rose Law Firm records that disappear for a few years, then showed up in the personal space in the White House, after the investigation was complete.

Ace reads Salon so you don't have to: Salon: Do You Think If You Had 22 Secret Emails on Your Computer, You'd Be Allowed to Walk Scot-Free?
At first I thought Salon was pulling my leg, but then I figured, oh, of course, they would prefer the admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.

Still, it's a big thing for this absurdly left-wing site to be talking up the FBI's case against Hillary.
This is how the FBI destroys Hillary: The 10 questions that could end her White House dreams
The FBI’s upcoming interview of Hillary Clinton will be a turning point in the race for Democratic nominee, especially since Clinton won’t be able to speak to James Comey and his FBI agents in the same manner her campaign has communicated with the public. Unlike loyal Hillary supporters who view the marathon Benghazi hearings to be a badge of courage and countless prior scandals to be examples of exoneration, the FBI didn’t spend one year (investigating this email controversy) to give Clinton or her top aides parking tickets. They mean business, and lying to an FBI agent is a felony, so Hillary Clinton and her aides will be forced to tell the truth. The doublespeak involving convenience and retroactive classification won’t matter to seasoned FBI agents whose reputations are on the line; the entire country feels there’s a double-standard regarding this email controversy.
Imagine if you had 22 Top Secret emails on your computer?
Would you be able to claim negligence?
Also, the issue of negligence is a canard. Clinton and her top aides were smart enough to understand protocol. For every legal scholar saying that indictment isn't likely (because it’s difficult to prove Clinton "knowingly" sent or received classified intelligence), there’s a former attorney general and former intelligence officials saying that indictment is justified.
The State Dept. continues to run interference for her, trying to block Judicial Watch's inquiry: State Department: Don’t Ask Hillary Aides About Classified Info in Lawsuit
Based on the schedule that both State Department and Judicial Watch lawyers have proposed, interviews with ex-Clinton aides could begin in the weeks heading into the Democratic presidential nominating convention in July.

The questions that State wants to put off limits have been at the center of multiple inquiries by inspectors general and the FBI about how Clinton handled classified information and whether she or her staff violated any laws or rules about maintaining government records. Investigators have found that some of the emails in Clinton’s server contained classified information when they were sent, though she has maintained they were never marked as such.
But never mind the FBI, Bernie Sanders is a more immediate threat to her majesties plans:
Meanwhile, Hillary feels the Bern:
Bernie Sanders scored a decisive victory in the Wisconsin Democratic primary Tuesday night, racking up his seventh victory in eight contests against Hillary Clinton as the race barrels toward a critical showdown in New York.
Sanders’ victory kicked off a critical two-week stretch for the Vermont senator, who is trying to show he can become a genuine threat to topple the front-runner in the home stretch of the presidential primary and not merely dog Clinton until the July convention in Philadelphia.
. . .
“With our victory tonight in Wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries. And we have won almost all of them with overwhelming landslide numbers,” he said. “What momentum is about is that at a time in contemporary politics when every major candidate has a super PAC, we have said no to the super PACs, said no to the billionaires who fund those super PACs.”
 Hillary has had about all she can stand of Bernie Sanders,
“Well, I can’t answer that,” she said with a smile. Then she proceeded to answer the question. “He’s a relatively new Democrat, and, in fact, I’m not even sure he is one. He’s running as one. So I don’t know quite how to characterize him.”
I'm sure she has a few words to categorize him in private. Hillary to Bernie: The gloves are off, pal. Hillaryites are starting to complain that Bernie Sanders is Getting a Free Pass. Analysis - true. But when that fails, you can always reach for the gender card (‘Gender-linked’: Hillary blames campaign woes on being a woman) or the race card (As Hillary Loses Big Again, AP Plays the Race Card to Explain Away Sanders' Wisconsin Win). But in a hot mic moment, Hillary is caught admitting the energy just isn't there: After Wisconsin Loss, Hot Mic Catches Clinton Telling Supporter ‘We’ve Got to Get the Energy Going’. Let's face it Hillary, you're just not that likable. But the good news for Hillary is that Wall Street still loves her, or at least is convinced enough that she's going to win that they'll continue to pour money into her and Bill's bank accounts.

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