Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday News from the Wombat

Some of the more interesting (to me) events gleaned from Wombat-socho's "Live at FiveSeven: 12.19.14".

Evidence In Sony Hack Suggests Possible Involvement By Iran, Chicoms, Russia - As Henry Kissinger has been reported to say of the Iran-Iraq War, it's too bad that both sides can't lose. I suppose that even though Sony is a Japanese corporation we have to consider them part of the home team and root for them, sort of like the Redskins. But it shows that we really need to shore up our cyber defenses.

Obama Bets On More Cigars To Win Over Congress On Cuban Embargo - I don't care too much about Cuba. I was in 6th grade during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and I remember when we cared enough to risk nuclear holocaust over them. But I think it's highly amusing that liberals, like say, Shepard Smith, are worrying that we might commercialize and "de-authenticate" the Cubans by bringing them McDonalds and Lowes.  They's actually need cash to have a McDonalds or a Lowes.
Ashlee Simpson
Ashleee Simpson Pregnant With Second Child - You know this is just an excuse, don't you? But still, another person to pay social security in 20 years.

What You Missed At Vladimir Putin’s Bizarre News Conference: Protests, a stuffed crocodile, and a bear in the woods - Too bad Femen wasn't there with some topless women, too.

Colorado Vows To Defend Legal Pot Against Neighboring States - Dude,  mellow out. This is some gooood shit! 

Jennifer Aniston “Cranky And Irritable” When She Stopped Exercising - Yeah, exercise is good for you. That's why we all hate it.

EPA To Issue Guidelines On Handling, Storage Of Coal Ash - If you've ever stood on a mountain of coal ash that used to be a valley, like I have, you'd know that coal ash is a real problem. I would prefer an energy mix with a lot more natural gas and nuclear and less coal, but in the meantime, we need to deal with this.  My modest proposal, send everybody their own share of fly ash calculated by the utility that sends them the power. When the dump truck drives up and dumps several tons of that crap on your lawn, you'd be more inspired to seek a solution.

Old                                             New
Marvel Gives Spider-Woman A Modern Makeover - Looks like she got a breast reduction too, which makes sense for swinging around on webs.

$10 Billion UN-Linked Climate Change Fund Wants Immunity From Prosecution - What could they possibly fear from prosecution? Sounds like someone needs to investigate.

Obama Sets Up Commission To Improve Police-Community Relations - I think we can confidently predict that this will make them worse.

Madonna: Unfinished Album Leak “Artistic Rape” - Trying desperately to cash in on the rape controversy.

American Power: Transgender Movement Upends Feminism At Womens’ Colleges - As someone said, "For the last thirty years I have been claiming to be a lesbian trapped in a man's body. - It used to be funny."

Joe For America: Michelle Obama – Short People Are Racist - Who hasn't been asked for help in a store?
The Gateway Pundit: Second Major Chain Store Shuts Down In Ferguson - Nose, face.

The Lonely Conservative: No Recession For Government Bureaucrats

Weasel Zippers: “Fast And Furious” Gun Used In Phoenix Apartment Shooting

Wombat-socho's monster compendium "Rule 5 Sunday: Winter Solstice Edition" is ready at The Other McCain.

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