Monday, December 22, 2014

Wombat's Monday News Fodder

A few morsels from today's "Live at Five: 12.22.14"

Two NYPD Officers Ambushed, Killed - I already covered this yesterday, but DeBlasio is now backing off his attacks on the NYPD who dissed him by turning their backs on him at a news conference. The left is worried that this will muddle their narrative. The right should make sure of it.

Florida Officer Killed In Weekend’s Third Murder Of Police: Officer Kondek shot, then run over by criminal attempting to avoid arrest - Is this a result of Ferguson/New York related anti-police protests?  Maybe, maybe not. But they certainly didn't help.

Satanists Mount Holiday Display With Little Fanfare - Ignore the silly little devil worshipers. That will piss them off the most.

Christie Tells Obama to Demand Return Of Cop-Killer Chesimard To Start Cuba Talks - There are a lot of things that need to be cleared up with Cuba before we start swapping spit with them. Their political prisoners, and their protection of US criminals are high on the list. Kudos to Christie for keeping that up front and center.

US Asking For Chicoms’ Help With Sony Hack? - Who do you think taught the Norks how to hack?

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell, It’s Another Girl! - Another Social Security supporter among previous Rule 5 girls.

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Agents Continued Partisan Probe In Defiance Of Judges - For continuing coverage of the amazingly lawless persecution of conservatives in Wisconsin, you need to see Althouse, who covers it routinely.  Her point on this one was that people trying to enforce the letter of the law, had better be prepared to abide by it:
The GAB is enforcing the letter of the law on its targets. You cannot defend them by saying but they are good people who mean well and who never departed from the spirit of the law. Sticklers must be judged by stickler standards.
Saudis Won’t Cut Oil Output - The quicker you run out the better.

Conservatives4Palin: Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik – DiBlasio And Sharpton Have Blood On Their Hands - It's not a sure thing that  Ismaaiyl Brinsley would not have killed police officers in Baltimore after killing his girlfriend, but in the absence of the ruckus over Garner it's dubious he would have bothered to go to New York to do it.

Protein Wisdom: “Lena Dunham, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, And The New Barbarism” - For 100, Alex What are three dangers to civilization and their common goal.

Mandy Rice-Davies
Mark Steyn: He Would, Wouldn’t He? - Mandy Rice-Davies, a "figure" in the Profumo scandal which toppled the McMillan government in the UK back in 1963 has died.
The face of Britain's protean sex scandal was her flatmate Christine Keeler, a more fragile beauty, but Mandy was its voice - the only one among the dramatis personae who seemed to be having a grand old time as the cameras clicked and the hacks barked. She provided almost all the memorable soundbites, commencing with her assertion that she was the Lady Hamilton de nos jours and continuing through to her scornful retort in court to the news that Lord Astor had denied sleeping with her: "Well, he would, wouldn't he?"
Weasel Zippers: You Knew It Was Coming – Cop Killer Had “A Troubled Childhood” - Duh, He was from Baltimore.

Despite the holiday madness Wombat-socho has the "Rule 5 Sunday: Bowls, Boobs And Other Entertainments" post up on time and within budget at The Other McCain.

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