Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day at the Beach

We hadn't made it down to the beach for a few day, but with bright sun, no wind and 50 F temperatures, we made it down there around noon, after Alex and Kelly left for their 6 hour drive home. When we arrived there were quite a number of other families taking advantage of the great weather
 The tide was almost dead low when we arrived, and we hoped for a good fossil hunting day. Georgia found this large "Mako" shark's tooth (really a relation to the Great White shark), the second largest of the year, but otherwise it was not a great day, only 5 teeth total.
 A large raft of Buffleheads just off the shore
A good day for boating.  These duck hunters were just coming back to the boat ramp at Calvert Beach. They can't hunt just anywhere; they have to stay in sites that are registered with the state, and highly sought.
 Cruising back to the harbor
And the rowing guy, who never seems to take a day off.

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