Monday, December 29, 2014

Wombat's Monday Newsfeed

Some items from Wombat-socho's news digest "Live at Five: 12.29.14"  Beats grasses and sedges.

NATO Ends Afghanistan Mission With Quiet Flag-Lowering Ceremony - I'd be happier if I thought we were leaving because we finished the job, and not because the Preznit need another notch on pistol's handle.

Indonesian Official Says Missing Plane Likely At Bottom Of The Sea: Countries from all over Asia sending ships and aircraft to aid in search for Air Asia jet - Another likely tragedy featuring an Asian airliner. They were dodging thunderstorms. On the bright side, it will keep CNN busy for weeks.

Police Turn Their Backs On Mayor Di Blasio During Eulogy For Officer Ramos - Now they're starting to whine about civility.

Jennifer Lawrence Is The Top-Grossing Actor Of 2014 - We watched Winter's Bone, and the first two Hunger Games. It seemed to me that they were all the same character. Hoping to see American Hustle soon. Enjoy the ride, and don't get cocky, kid.

Ebola Czar: Expect More Domestic Cases - He must be a hell of a PR guy; the epidemic in West Africa is still going strong, but the CDC stopped reporting on the number of people being watched to the public. Yes, I'm sure a few cases will be imported.

Blind Judge To Join Michigan Supreme Court - In other news, you can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant.

Mel B Spends Christmas With Husband Amid Abuse Rumors - Do we we really care about old Spice Ladies, if they're not going to sing? Do we even care then?

Obama Claims America “Less Racially Divided” Since He Took Office - If he really believes this, he's delusional.

Farmers Fear Even Greater Labor Shortages Under New Obama Policy - How can you keep them working down on the farm after they get welfare and Obamacare for nothing?

Freak Storm Strands Thousands In French Alps - But no matter what the weather does, the usual suspects will blame global warming climate change stability.

Alicia Keys, It’s A Boy! - Another potential Social Security payer! Just in the nick of time!

Iranian General Killed By ISIS Sniper In Samarra - Maybe Kissinger was wrong, and both sides can lose.

Doug Powers: Anti-Police Protesters Call Police After Road Blockade Goes Bad - The irony of the day.

Don Surber: Why Not Regulate Cars Like Guns? - Read it. The arguments are compelling and more favorable than you might think.

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Happy New Year!" ready.

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