Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rule 5 Saturday - Madame Secretary - Téa Leone

This Rule 5 Saturday special is devoted to Téa Leoni, the American actress who is currently glamorizing Hillary Clinton, by playing the smart resolute, and personally troubled Secretary of State in the new this year TV drama "Madame Secretary.

I was prepared to dislike the show because it is such an transparent ploy to rehabilitate Hildebeast, but, of course, it's played to show her a social liberal but strong on national defense, an ex-CIA agent who participated in "enhanced interrogations" (and now, of course, regrets it). And has somewhat obnoxious grown up kids. I sympathize.

A New York girl, born in 1966 (you do the math) her non-stage name is Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni. Portrayed on Mme. Secretary as an academic genius, she attended, but did not complete college at Sarah Lawrence.
She started acting in soaps, but graduated to movies in a bit, with her biggest scores in "Deep Impact"(1998), "The Family Man" (2000), "Jurassic Park III" (2001) (they made 3? why?), and "Hollywood Ending" (2002).

Her divorce from her second husband, the sex-addict David Duchovny, was finalized this year. The truth is out there. Maybe.

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