Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wombat's Tuesday News

A selection of news from Wombat-socho's "Live at Five: 12.30.14."

Indonesia Expands Search For Missing AirAsia Jet - Already out of date, as the first reports of floating wreckage and bodies are starting to appear. I don't think it will be too long before they find the primary crash scene and the black boxes.

Is Ebola Here To Stay?Ebola case confirmed in GlasgowWhy veterans of past Ebola crises underestimated this one - Yep, Ebola is here to stay. It has a host organism or two in Africa, and it will continue to re-emerge periodically from that reservoir.  Until a vaccine is developed and given to the everyone vulnerable in Africa, it's simply a matter of when and how badly it comes back. Why can't we develop vaccines the way we used to?

Sofia Vergara’s Engaged - Another Rule 5 winner busts another fantasy.

Some Boos Greet Di Blasio At NYPD Graduation, Bratton: Cops’ gesture of disrespect for mayor “inappropriate” - He won election by beating on the cops. Did he think they'd forget?

Obamacare Fines Rising In 2015 - And the sun rises in the east too.

Laverne Cox - some assembly required
Taylor Swift, Laverne Cox, Beyonce Top List of Most Charitable Celebs In 2014 - Who to choose?  Let's go with Laverne, because have never heard of her him yet, because we don't watch "Orange is the New Black", and because he/she got it for being an SJW and not for any real charity.

Rep. Michael Grimm To Resign After Pleading Guilty To Felony Tax Evasion - How soon can we expect Charlie Rangel to resign, and why doesn't the New York Times spend equal time on his tax evasions? Also read this at Hot Air: A Higher Standard for the GOP.

Incoming House Whip May Not Have Known He Was Addressing White Supremacists - Another double standard the GOP faces. If a democrat has given speeches to a crowd of socialists or communists (as they surely have), it would be lauded as a evidence of their fair-mindedness or something.

The drama reportedly began when Xtina, who was celebrating her 34th birthday at the theme park, asked for a group photo with the famous character right before he was going on a break, the gossip site noted.

When the mother of two was told they needed to wait, she allegedly got angry and called Mickey an "a--hole" and asked, "Do you know who I am?"
It not like she's an Obama or anything.

Have A Question For The IRS? That’ll Be $42 And Twenty Minutes On Hold - And no guarantee the answer is right and will keep you from being accused of tax evasion. If they were a private business, they would be vulnerable to charges of fraud.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga To Be The Face Of Shiseido - Remind me again why Madonna needs a successor?
Hacker Claims You Can Steal Fingerprints With A Camera - Guess I better delete those fossil pictures.

Goodbye, IE? Microsoft Rumored To Be Working On New Browser For Windows 10 - I haven't used IE as my primary browser for years, although I still try it occasionally when Chrome or Firefox appear to be screwing up.

Top 20 Most Pirated Movies Of 2014: “Wolf Of Wall Street” #1 - We used our Christmas gift of Netflix to watch "Wolf" the other day. Georgia was appalled at the language and sex. I'm sure glad I didn't pick it, or I'd have had an earful. Amusing, but not worth stealing.

Stan Lee Celebrates 92nd Birthday Surrounded By Family - Thousands of boys, and not-so grown up men thank him for all his comics.

Islamic State Magazine Praises Sydney Gunman For “Daring Raid” - How long until the civilized world realizes a campaign of extermination is the only viable solution?

Twitchy: Where’s Harry? Prog Billionaires’ Donations Dwarf Koch Brothers
American Power: Hillary Clinton Faces Uphill Fight For White, Rural Vote
American Thinker: Non-Notable Deaths For 2014
JustOneMinute: Addition By Division
Weasel Zippers: Lib Crank Joan Walsh – The Police Are “Predators”, Most Violent Protesters Are White
Megan McArdle: Everything We Don’t Know About Minimum Wage Hikes
Mark Steyn: Fairy Tales Of Diversity

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Happy New Year!" ready.

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