Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rule 5 Saturday - Yasmine Bleeth

This week's Rule 5 spectacular excessive is dedicated to Yasmine Bleeth, the American actress best known (at least to guys) as Caroline Holden in Baywatch (They had names; who knew?); to women from her spell on "One Live to Live" on daytime TV.
She began "acting" at 10 months in a baby shampoo ad, and starred in her first Hollywood movie "Hey Babe" with Buddy Hackett at age 12.
Total Film magazine quoted Bleeth stating: "When I was a girl I used to have to force boys to kiss me. My toughest friend had to hold them down." She has also stated that she was popular with the boys, and that female classmates had beat her up as a result.
Yeah, hurt me, baby.

Starting in 2000, Bleeth had drug issues; she had a well known cocaine bust in 2002, and was reported to be in bad shape, if that's imaginable.  She went through rehab and probation, and appears to have stayed clean, at least as far as the public is concerned. I hope it's real. She has not worked in Hollywood since.

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