Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not So Great Moments in Science

This Is What Happens When No One Proofreads an Academic Paper
By now we all know, or ought to know, that just because something is published in a peer-reviewed academic journal doesn’t mean it’s true. But we can at least assume it's been proofread, right?

Apparently not. A priceless gaffe, which has been making the rounds of academic Twitter this week, is Exhibit A.
The blooper was picked up by Retraction Watch, which contacted both the authors and the publisher for comment. The corresponding author told Retraction Watch the Gabor line “was added into the paper by a co-author during revision (after peer review),” and no one spotted it in the course of the final proofreading process. He apologized for the put-down, adding, “I would never condone this sentiment towards another person or their work.”
I hated it when that happened.

Found at Althouse.

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