Friday, November 21, 2014

The 6 AM Eye Opener - "Gimme Chocolate!"

But some good news; despite recent reports, it appears a chocolate shortage is not imminent.
Despite reports that the world's supply of cocoa is running thin, you may not need to worry about stockpiling your chocolate reserves quite yet.

Candy manufacturers Mars Inc. and Barry Callebaut recently warned that consumer demand for chocolate will exceed cocoa supply by 2020, creating a gap in supply and demand of 1 million metric tons, according to a Bloomberg report.

The predicted shortage is attributed to myriad factors such as "disease, drought, rapacious new markets and the displacement of cacao by more-productive crops such as corn and rubber," Bloomberg reported.

However, the International Cocoa Organization, a global group made up of cocoa producing and consuming countries, told USA TODAY Network that the prediction is not correct.

While acknowledging there are problems that could affect production, small deficits and surpluses in cocoa supply are normal, according to Michael Segal, spokesman for the organization, which forecasts cocoa supply and production. The organization is not predicting anything out of the ordinary for the next five years.
Wombat-socho has the grand "Rule 5 Sunday: Wax Ecstatic" up and running at The Other McCain.

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