Monday, November 10, 2014

Been Fishin'

I got the call from Walleye Pete on Saturday. He wanted more help with commercial fishing on Monday.  The weather prediction was for light winds and warm days (although nights are in the high 30s for the last few days). We and three other fishermen met at Buzz's Marina in Ridge, MD about 6 AM, with a little low fog over the water.
Out in the Bay, the Moon was setting over Point No Point light.
Over in Hoopers Strait, we hit a mother load of fish under a few desultory birds. We bailed Striped Bass for a solid hour, with almost every fish a keeper. Pete still has many hundreds of lbs on his hook and line quota, and we did our best to pack the coolers.
After the current (and bite) died in the straits, we headed out south into the Bay proper. We never hit a mother load like that again, but we picked our way through numerous pods of breakers, and continued to catch good sized fish, using birds as our guides for the most part (don't follow these; they're Scoters and not feeding on fish).
Point No Point Light House in the afternoon light.  No fish there today. Maybe tomorrow. Pete caught the biggest, a 35 inch, 18 lb specimen We ended up with roughly 150 fish, and probably 400 lbs. More fish, but about the same total weight at last week. I'm tired.

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