Sunday, November 30, 2014

Late November Beach Report

We took the first half of the Redskins game off to visit the beach. It's a gorgeous fall day here, with afternoon temperatures climbing above 60 F with blue skies and a few light clouds. The wind was moderate 10-15 but southwest, which gives good protection.

Georgia pokes around for a sharks tooth.  I believe she found one here, too, one of the mere six that we found (3 and 3, if you must know the score).

The water is exceptionally clear, as it often is in fall.

The raft of Buffleheads was still sitting off Calvert Beach. Someone with binoculars told me there were Oldsquaw (the un-PC name for the  Long-Tailed Duck), a distinct possibility, but I couldn't find any.

Moon over the Flag Harbor jetty.

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