Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We Have the Beach to Ourselves Again

Memorial Day is nice and all, and it's good to see the beach being used, but, well, I like it better when we all but have to ourselves like today. Only a few of the regular visitors were there. It's warm and just a bit humid today; a taste of summer to come.
However, we still have the Swallowtails puddling on the beach . . .
And flying around seemingly aimlessly.  I'm sure they have a plan, but I don't see it.
We saw one of the eagles for the first time in months. The Ospreys were out too, of course, but all my pictures came out blurry.
There's a free hat available up the beach aways. I'm sure it blew off a boat somewhere offshore and washed in.
A pretty good day for fossils, 37 sharks teeth, mostly small, and this small, but nearly perfect Bonnet Ray mouth plate. They're much softer and weaker than shark's teeth, and it's rare to find one as perfect as this

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