Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beach Report 05/21/14

After lunch today, Georgia thought we should take a walk to get some exercise.  What, being on a boat and catching fish isn't exercise?
The sun had come out by that time, and a bit of breeze.  All in all, not too bad.  A few Least Sandpipers on a pit stop. Why go all the way to the tundra for more grub?
The first puddling butterfly of 2014.  A male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, all by himself.  
We found 15 fossil teeth, if you count this Black Drum's tooth.
This one should be easy to spot, but we found on a stretch of beach we had already searched, so clearly we missed it the first time. A pretty decent Snaggletooth upper symphyseal tooth.
But you don't get to count it until it's in your hand. I've lost a lot of teeth that I've spotted to the surf.

Mr. (or is is Miss?) Lonely still out on the starboard channel marker.

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