Saturday, May 24, 2014

Red Sky, Blue Fish

Trevor and I took off about 4:30 to see if we could find some fish.  After trying all the usual places around "Location X" and catching only a few shorts, we went down to the "Keystone of the East Coast", where I took this picture of the Cove Point Lighthouse.  Finding even less fish there than at "Location X" we headed back, and refished the same spots, with the same results.
Eventually, around dusk, I hooked this, the first Bluefish of the year. These toothy  monsters are really hard on soft plastic jigs.  This one destroyed the one it hit.  But I had the last laugh.  He became dinner.
Only a few other boats out.  Less than I expected for Memorial Day Saturday.
 We had quite an impressive sunset tonight.  Oranges while the sun was up . . .
Turning pink after the sun went behind the trees at Flag Ponds.

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